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2013 September 19

Hashtag Haute: Catching Up With Karlie Kloss

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Karlie Kloss Karlie Kloss
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(NEW YORK) The Daily's inaugural Fashion Media Awards was the event to top this NYFW. Missed all the illustrious winners from the FMAs? Fret not! Here's the scoop on our Model of The Year, Social Media winner: none other than Karlie Kloss! The Millenial mega-beauty is a master of the online medium, using her Instagram and Twitter accounts in new and insightful ways. Follow her lead!

So why are you such a social media savant, Karlie?
Twitter and Instagram are both amazing platforms that allow me to directly interact with the people who follow me. I especially love using Instagram because a photograph speaks much louder than 140 characters do. 

Where do you do most of your social media?
I do the majority of my Instagram on my iPhone; I like to capture and publish images instantly to save the moment. I use my laptop to stay connected via Facebook and Twitter. But if I have Internet, I will tweet.

Do you agonize much about what you’re tweeting?
Yes, especially during Fashion Week. When I’m backstage, it’s so chaotic. To be present and do my day job while simultaneously sharing the moment with the Internet is what I agonize over! 

How do you deal?
I’ve literally tweeted or chosen an Instagram filter as I’m about to walk out on the runway. I need a clone! [laughs]

Do you have any regrets about any of your tweets?
No. Though I’ve made many spelling errors!

What’s a Karlie-ism that you always use on social media?

I am constantly adding “k” to any word that has a “k” sound that I can!

When are you most active on social media?

When I’m stuck in an airport or backstage at a show. I usually end up posting photos from the beautiful places I’ve been while waiting for my layover.

Do you look at who follows you?
Of course. I am always really flattered when someone follows me and I know of them or I really respect them. I always get really excited when someone follows me or likes a photo that I’m a fan of.

Do you ever check out and get off the grid?
It’s important to detach on occasion! I did that in the last few weeks when I was on vacation; I decided to keep things more private. I wanted to enjoy the moment while being in the moment.

How’d that feel?

It was a little funny! On my past few trips, no one knew where I was because I didn’t post any pictures. Sometimes, you’ve got to stay a little mysterious.

Do you like posting videos?
Yes! I posted videos from my recent trip to Disneyland from some of the rides we went on. If a picture says a thousand words, then how many does a video express?!

Had you been to Disneyland before?
I have been there more times than I can count! I celebrated my 21st in Disneyland with my whole family. Every time I’m there, I feel like a kid, no matter how old I get.

Do you geek out on all things Disney?
I have a crush on Goofy. He’s the only character as tall as me.

What’s your favorite kind of fan tweet to receive?
It’s always special when someone tweets a special a picture of Karlie’s Kookies that they’ve bought at Momofuku Milk Bar—or made themselves! It’s really sweet.

Do people ever send you their DIY batches of Karlie’s Kookies?
If people had an address where they could send me cookies, they would! But so far, I haven’t gotten any.

Have you stepped up your cooking game since working on Karlie’s Kookies?

Yes, I’ve gotten more adventurous with cooking real food, not just sweets! I just moved into my new apartment and I have the most beautiful kitchen.

On that toothsome note, you had your wisdom teeth out this summer. How’d that go?
Surprisingly, it went really well. I actually enjoyed the excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

What are your greatest hits in the kitchen?
I can make an amazing omelet, and great pancakes. I’m the queen of breakfast! I can make a killer breakfast in bed. Jourdan [Dunn] taught me how to make a good curry, too.

What’s the bestie bond like between you and Jourdan?

We’re birthday twins! We were both born on August 3, so we’re long-lost sisters. We found each other when we first started in the industry, and we’re very similar. We’re both hard-working, started young, and we’re close with our families. We fit together like two peas in a pod.

Well that’s cute! Did you celebrate your birthdays together this year?

She came into town for my 21st birthday party, but it was two days before my actual birthday.

Were you on MySpace when you were younger?
Of course! Who wasn’t? I think I still have an active account.

Do you remember your first AIM screen name?
KandyKid333. My home address was 333, and KandyKid came from my obsession with candy. That was my e-mail account for quite some time when I started modeling! Trying to be taken seriously when your address is KandyKid333 did not work out too well.

Clearly, it didn’t hold you back! Yet another project on your docket is ultra-long jeans for Frame Denim. How did you suffer through too-short jeans for so many years?

For years I tried to make flood pants and cropped jeans a thing, and I’ve given up. In my grade school pictures, I’m wearing flood pants. Actually, that happened from fourth grade until last year.

Have you gotten feedback on your Frame jeans on social media?

Yes, it’s so flattering! I got lots of tweets and comments from people who’d bought the jeans or just loved the concept. Tall girls everywhere were very appreciative. I take all of that to heart.

What’s on your don’t-tweet and never-Instagram list?

Any expletives. My grandmother has Instagram—she got it when my family bought her an iPad last year. I know she watches and sees everything! I like to keep it classy.

Are you still on Facebook?

I’ve laid off it lately. I haven’t been able to keep up! It’s powerful, but not as instantaneous.

Besides your FMA accolade, what is the best thing you’ve ever won?

I won my third-grade science fair contest! That was my proudest moment in academics. 

Speaking of academia, what did you study this summer at NYU?
I took business classes; I want to understand finance, and be a better businesswoman. I loved being in the academic environment, and NYU is an amazing school.

Did you get stalked or spotted in your classes?

No! Not at all! Just the opposite, actually: Everyone on campus is my age, so I fit right in.

What’d you wear to class?

What any normal 20-year-old wears! No couture. A backpack, jeans, and a T-shirt.

Do you have a lot of NYU garb?

Of course! That’s reason enough to go to school, right? I have the most comfortable NYU sweatshirt, which I live in.

What does the word “supermodel” mean to you in 2013?

There is so much more to that title today than just being a super- duper model. You have to be up on your social media activity and get involved in other projects. There’s so much opportunity for a model to be a brand. Besides the Nineties, it’s the best time to be a supermodel.

What are you looking forward to this fall?
I love New York Fashion Week, it feels like a fashion industry family reunion! It’s when all of the designers, models, photographers, and editors come back together after a relaxing August.

People get into a tizzy trying to figure out what shows you’ll walk in—or if you’ll skip NYFW! How does that feel?
It’s the funniest thing. It’s a compliment in a way. I’m honored that anyone would take note!  I will promise you this: You’ll be seeing me quite a bit this Fashion Week.

How do you feel about scoring an FMA?
I’m actually very nervous about this! I feel like I’ll be more deserving of this a year from now. I’m just getting started. I feel like I’m not deserving of this award just yet. I’m incredibly honored but very nervous.

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