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2013 February 6

Glamour Gets Catty For NYFW: Publisher Bill Wackermann Explains All

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Glamour's March cover; Bill Wackermann Glamour's March cover; Bill Wackermann
Courtesy Glamour; Patrick McMullan
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(NEW YORK) Glamour is feeling rather feline, apparently, as evidenced by their "Cat Fashion Concept Store" kicking off tomorrow eve and continuing through the weekend with a roster of events themed around the animal du moment. From a cocktail hosted by Eddie Borgo and Maria Cornejo, along with the mag's executive fashion director Anne Christensen, to a karaoke party with Susie Bubble as well as a Cat Power DJ set (!!), Glamour's definitely getting into theme. The concept store, located at 74 Gansevoort St., is doing a "Pretty Kitty" beauty shindig open to the public on Saturday afternoon; email to RSVP. The Daily hit up publisher Bill Wackermann for the meow-inducing scoop. Didn't necessarily peg you as a Bon Jovi guy, Bill! Learning something new every day, non

What's the backstory of the Cat Fashion Concept store?
We've watched the fashion cat trend building over the past couple seasons and feel like it really meshes with Glamour's fun and irreverent take on fashion, so we are bringing it to life for fashion week. I mean, look at Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette: She's got two maids, a modeling career and a Twitter! We worked with Confetti System to transform the space into the cat fashion concept store by way of the custom cat-themed installations.

One of the events involves karaoke: what's your signature karaoke song? 
My signature karaoke song is New Jersey's own Bon Jovi. "Ohhh, ohhh, we're half way there...Ohhh, ohhhh, living on a prayer..."

Great choice, Bill! Which bash on Glamour's NYFW docket are you particularly jazzed about?
I'm most excited to go to Ying Chu's beauty event: She's our new executive beauty director. I feel like she has a really fun, vibrant approach to beauty. And I fully intend to walk out of there with a cat manicure, if not a pedicure!

How does a "35 Under 35" list fit with Glamour's demographic, plus more recent "Generation Glamour" branding strategies? 
Glamour speaks to the Millennial woman in everything we do and celebrating the young women in that group who are making it happen in fashion fits right in with that.

What were you like at age 35, summed up in five words?
How dare you, it was only two years ago! I would describe my 35 year-old-self as tighter, neurotic, ambitious, tanorexic and sockless.

Gotcha! Back to the concept store: Why cats?! 
Everywhere you look, from high fashion ads and editorials to cat apparel at all price points, the cat fashion trend has reached critical mass, as have pop-up shops! So, we're doing cats AND a pop-up shop! Our hashtag says it all…#nobitches…bitches!

Are you more of a cat or dog person? Why? 
While I'm a dog person at heart, you gotta give it up for anything that always lands on its feet! After 20 years in fashion and beauty, I'm also down with anything that has nine lives.

Lastly, favorite cat, s'il vous plait
My kids' cat, Cricket, who had his own "The Incredible Journey"-like experience. I can go into that in greater detail about over cocktails sometime.

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