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2012 December 11

Exclusive! Scoop on Glamour's New Glossy, Glam Belleza Latina

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Glamour's January 2013 cover; Cindi Leive Glamour's January 2013 cover; Cindi Leive
Courtesy Glamour (left); Patrick McMullan (right)
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(NEW YORK) Attention Glamour loyalists, beauty fiends, and Latina lasses, particularly of that twentysomething Millenial sweet spot, demographically speaking: come March, Glam Belleza Latina is debuting, and you're going to have to have it. The new glossy about, and for, Latina women obsessed with beauty by the Conde title's eds is dropping on newsstands in the spring. Some essentials you need to know now: The size? Preciously pocket-sized, aka digest format. The price tag remains TBD; frequency-wise, prepare to be delighted by the mag on a (most likely) quarterly basis. The Daily rang up Glamour's editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive, to discuss all the details...

How long has this concept been in the works?
Honestly, this idea has been kicking around in my brain and my publisher's for several years now. The question was not whether to do a magazine targeted at Latina Millenials; it was about when and how, exactly, to make it happen. The rise and prominence of the Latina consumer is not something that has been invented by marketers: it's real, and I see it every day in the comments on our website and in the Glamour mailbag! Not only is it going to be about beauty—obsessively, compulsively, fantastically—it's going be an incredibly beautiful magazine in and of itself. 

¿Habla Español, Cindi? 
I'm not fluent yet, but every day I get a bit better! It's very important to me to have people who are fluent on staff on this project. Veronica has hired Spanish-speaking copywriters, editors, researchers, and so forth. 

How did the mag's text breakdown of 90 percent English, 10 percent Spanish come about? 
The balance really comes from the way women talk. An "acculturated Latina woman" speaks most of the time in English, but with touches of Spanish. Since beauty is such a personal subject, the magazine really needs to reflect how our readers see themselves on the most fundamental of levels.

Have you traveled much to Spanish-speaking places? Might you do so more, thanks to Glam Belleza Latina?
Ha! I plan to use this as a serious excuse for extensive travel! You've just given me a wonderful idea...I'm actually going to the Dominican Republic over the holidays. But as for our readers, this magazine is for Latina women who do indeed travel, but they do so the way I do, or any of us do. 

Back to the mag! What's the aesthetic like?
Our art director, Sarah Viñas, has been working on the design: She's Dominican-born, and this has really been a labor of love for her! Sara works on our Glamour design team, alongside our creative director, Geraldine Hessler. It's very graphic, aspirational, and unlike anything I've seen before.

Why go petite for this project, as the mag is digest-sized?
Oh, I've always been a little bit in love with that size! Many of Glamour's international editions are published in that size, so it's very much in Glamour's DNA. Here in the United States, people are familiar with digest magazines because Teen Vogue publishes at that size. 

Have you ever considered putting Glamour proper on a digest-esque trim size diet? 
Not seriously, but this was a fun way for us to play around with it as a brand. The size particularly lends itself well to covering beauty. Doing, say, a close-up of someone's face translates well at a smaller size. 

How does this compare to other newsstand offshoots of American Glamour

It's very different! We do have a series of "Dos and Don'ts" magazines; they're SIPs [Special Interest Publications], and they stay on the newsstand for three months, and they cost $11, which is substantially above the newsstand price of our competitive set. They're selling quite nicely! We're seeing that our readers want a lot of ways to connect with us, so there are many opportunities to expand our brand. 

How did you appoint the mag's editor, Veronica Chambers, to helm
Glam Belleza Latina?
I worked with Veronica a few years ago, when she was features director at Glamour. Most recently, she's coming off of working with Marcus Samuelsson on his memoir Yes, Chef. I've always admired Veronica's work, and I enjoyed working with her a few years ago. Veronica's heritage is Panamanian. 

Who's contributing, besides
Glamour eds? 
We will be releasing a full list in a couple of weeks, but Hilaria Thomas Baldwin and Narciso Rodriguez are involved; makeup artist, Leslie Lopez, who works with clients like Sarah Jessica Parker, will be doing a page in each issue. We're also bringing in around five top people from the fashion world in addition to Narciso to contribute, plus several high-profile celebrities. It's exciting to see how all of these people want to be a part of it! 

Might this lead to book deals and the ilk?
We're hoping this leads to anything and everything! It's the beginning of a new brand, and we want to give it the investment and support it needs to fly...

Do you anticipate a title like Latina posing competition to Glam Belleza Latina
Not exactly; what we're doing isn't a women's general-interest magazine. It's a growing market, and I'm confident it can support more than one publication.  

Which Latina powerhouse's beauty signature has you smitten? 
I am annoyingly obsessed with Jennifer Lopez's skin! Last year when she was on American Idol, which I watch with my family, my husband and kids would be debating what Jennifer said about this or that song...I'd just be gripping their arms saying, "how does she look that good!?" Historically speaking, I think Frida Kahlo was the ultimate alpha female, so I love her look as well. 

What are you currently obsessed with beauty-wise?
I just started using Aerin Lauder's new bronzer, and I think it just hangs the moon! If for some reason my flight [to the Dominican Republic] doesn't take off for the holidays, at least I'll have the bronzer...I can already almost see the metal at the bottom of the bronzer. 

Is there a Latina specialty—dance or cuisine related, perhaps—that you've mastered? 
Well, my friend Mariane Perl makes this really amazing Cuban stew that she learned how to make from her mother; she keeps telling me she's going to give me that recipe! 

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