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2011 September 8

From The Daily in Print: Le Pig, C'est Chic

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Miss Piggy, the editrix! Miss Piggy, the editrix!
Courtesy Disney
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(NEW YORK) The most sensational, inspirational, celebrational gal we know, Miss Piggy, is off to the big screen on November 23 in The Muppets, and you’ll never guess who she’s playing. The Daily caught up with Kermit’s longtime paramour to talk Marc, Moss and Frog—and she hasn’t changed a bit. BY EDDIE ROCHE

Congrats on the gig at French Vogue. You’ve come a long way since working Saks’ makeup counter with Joan Rivers in the '80s.
Bonjour to vous, too! I adore The Daily. I read it…how often do you come out? Oh, I read it daily. Clever name; you obviously gave a lot of thought to that. As for moi’s gig—or as we say in Paris “le gig”—at French Vogue, it was a dream come true—for moi, and of course for everyone at French Vogue.

How do you do it all? Fashion, love, movies, karate...
I simply know how to use my time efficiently. I never stand up when I can sit down; I never sit down when I can lie down; and I never show up when I can use a stand in. But don’t worry; right now you’re talking to the real moi.  Publicity is too important to trust to others.

Have you really quit modeling forever?
Oh no! What gave vous that idea? I love to model, to supermodel, to role model and even, on rare occasions, to build scale models. However, I am very particular about whom I model for…one doesn’t want to leave a photo shoot with a bunch of clothes you can’t wear again, or at least sell on eBay.

So true! Tell us about the new movie! Have you finally snagged the frog?
It’s called The Muppets, apparently because they’re in it. But don’t let that fool you. I’m in it, too, and it is a fabulous motion picture! The story is about this Muppet fan named Walter, who along with his friends Gary and Mary (played by Jason Segel and Amy Adams), comes to Hollywood to meet the Muppets. But then, they have to bring us together…and that means bringing Kermie and moi back together! It’s funny, uplifting, rollicking and, dare I say, the best thing I’ve ever done—with the possible exception of snagging the frog.

Who are your favorite designers? 
Well, I wear Zac Posen and Christian Louboutin, and of course, I’ve worn everyone from Marc Jacobs, Jason Wu and Brian Atwood to Suno, Philip Crangi and Prabal Gurung. If I’ve forgotten anyone, forgive moi. I promise you’ll be on the next list, once I’ve picked up the freebies.

How do you feel about your pal Marc Jacobs replacing Galliano at Dior?
Très bien! Marc is a kindred spirit and a brilliant designer, and I’m sure he will produce absolutémenté wondrous creations for House of Dior. However, if he should need inspiration, I am available as a creative muse. Marc, just call my agent, Bernie, and tell him I sent vous!

The Parisians have been known to be real pigs to Americans... 
Oh, I see what you did—“real pigs!” Don’t go there, okay sweetie? Now, ignoring your insensitive and species-ist remark, let me say that the Parisians embraced me with open arms! In fact, some of them hugged me all through lunch, which made eating quite difficult. But I adore the French, and naturally they adore moi

Let’s talk Kate Moss wedding.
I am sworn to secrecy. Oh, what the heck, here goes: It was absolutely everything you can imagine, filled with beautiful people posing beautifully and pretending to recognize each other. I must have air-kissed everyone in the room twice! And best of all, with all those models around, nobody went near the dessert cart! Needless to say, I made the most of the opportunity. After all, style and beauty come in all sizes; the bigger you are, the more you got! In any case, I wish Kate and her betrothed, Jamie, eternal happiness…and big anniversary parties that moi will be happy to attend.

Do you have any anxiety about turning 40?
Not at all. It’s soooo very, very many years away, why worry about it?

What’s your life philosophy?
Believe in yourself. If that doesn’t work, believe in moi.



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