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2011 May 27

From The Daily Dan: Livin' La Vida Lizzie!

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Lizzie Grubman & kids Lizzie Grubman & kids
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(NEW YORK) A decade after backing her way into Hamptons history outside Conscience Point, original Power Girl Lizzie Grubman is a doting mother of two with a growing bicoastal management business and a taste for life on the mild side. But don’t worry; she hasn’t changed a bit! BY EDDIE ROCHE

We haven’t seen you in forever, Lizzie! What have you been up to?

I’m a totally different person. I never go out at night unless I have to work. I’m a working mom, which is really fun. Every time I’m home with my kids, my son says, ‘Is that your friend on TV? That’s your friend!’ And I’ll say, ‘Yes, that’s Fergie.’ Other than that, things have changed. [laughs]

Would you say you’ve been humbled?
Definitely. Getting older, getting married, having children...

So it wasn’t years of therapy?
I don’t believe in therapy. It sounds crazy, but coming home and seeing an innocent little human being smile when you enter the room and cry when you leave changes a person.

You’re currently separated from your husband. How’s that?
Chris is my best friend, and you know something? Never say never.

Do you miss being on TV?
I was on one of the first people in this business to be on a reality show (MTV’s PoweR Girls), and it was a good experience, but I think I gave away a few too many of my trade secrets. Would I ever do it again? Sure! Tonight, we actually have a small cameo on the Jersey Housewives.

Why did you end the show?
Back in the day, it took about eight months to do a reality show. During the downtime, I met my husband and got pregnant almost immediately. I’m very little. I’m 5’2” and weigh about 96 pounds. I blew up and weighed 110. I was an obese animal! [laughs] So it was physically impossible for me to go and film a second season.

Do you have a nanny?
I have three. I have two kids who are under the age of four! Keep in mind that each boy has a nanny and one sleeps over. They don’t go to school full-time. I work and I travel. I also have an assistant and a hairdresser.

Do you cook?
In the Hamptons, we have a cook. He makes great brussels sprouts. Today, I had McDonald’s. Yesterday, I had pizza for lunch. I’m very low-maintenance. Everyone thinks I’m very high-maintenance, but I’m not.

How do you get around?
He’s right over there! His name is Tomas—our driver. He’s part of our family. He’s been with me for 12 years.

What’s a typical day like for you?
I get up at 5:30 a.m.—I work on L.A. time—and there’s always an emergency with a client in L.A. Whether they stub their toe or they’ve broken up with their boyfriend, [laughs] I’m there for them. Not only am I a mom to my two kids, I’m also a mom to my staff and to all of my clients. Even if some of them are older than me.

How did you transition from PR to celeb management?
Janice Dickinson was the first to say, ‘Lizzie, you know a hell of a lot more than anybody else out here!’ Now, I work with Chynna Phillips, Kylie Bisutti, Shanna Moakler, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Victoria’s Secret models, among others. One of my favorite clients is the Fat Jew, who has a TV show coming out.

Do the paps still take your photo?
Oh, yeah. My older son is basically scarred for life. He yells at them: ‘You have no respect for my mommy!’ When he was born, they all wanted his picture. These days, we’ll stand on a red carpet for a charity, and he’ll turn around. He doesn’t like his picture being taken anywhere or anyplace—even for his class photo.

 When’s the last time you looked at New York’s Power Girls cover

Honestly, it’s been a while. I was very proud at the time to be included with those other girls, but success at a young age is harmful. It makes you think you can do anything.

Any advice for all the ambitious young PR girls out there trying to make it happen?
You either have it or you don’t. Everyone wants to be in PR. I’d say there must be 40 PR companies that try to be like Lizzie Grubman PR back in the day. I only hire from within. You have to start as an intern, and after three months, if you’re good, we’ll hire you. Oh, and you have to be social, because I don’t want to be social anymore. I’m 40!

What do you think about the new wave of firms like PR Consulting?
Should I know who that is?

Next question: Do you keep in touch with your old clients?
Jay-Z is still my dear friend, and I’m really, really happy for him—he deserves his success. Same with Britney Spears. I still work with her people. I always liked working with clients when they started—and then I let them go. It’s boring when they’re big and famous.

What about Tara Reid?
Funny enough, she called me last week and I missed her call. I really don’t speak to Tara Reid. Let’s keep it at that. Maybe that call was missed for a reason.

What about Paris Hilton?
I think Paris is going to have a huge comeback with that show on Oxygen. Watch! She wants it, she wants it badly. 

Did you make being a publicist sexy?
I hope so!

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