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2012 July 9

From The Daily Dan: Brook's Haven

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(NEW YORK) Ramy Sharp, the mastermind of sexy new ready-to-wear line Ramy Brook, has developed a cult following of East Enders (and beyond!) who rely on her draped silk basics and toss-on frocks to anchor their going-out ensembles. But no need to travel too far—the real party’s happening at Sharp’s sprawling estate in Water Mill.

How did you end up as a fashion designer?
A lot of my friends would refer to certain tops as “so Ramy.” I have a certain way of dressing, I like things to be low and sexy. So one day on vacation in 2010, I decided to start a company specializing in tops with a designer look at a contemporary price. Before I had my three children, I was in advertising, so I had to learn everything. I found a great pattern maker through a friend, and I worked with her very closely at her place in Brooklyn to get the samples made. I ended up with a collection of eight tops, each named for a friend or family member. One of my friends took a photo of herself wearing hers, and sent it to everyone in her contact list. No joke, I had 50 orders the next day! So I started doing trunk shows in New York and New Jersey, where my sister lived. In September 2010, I took a very small booth at the Coterie trade show, and soon, we were in 20 stores. Now, we’re in over 90, including Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Why did you name the company Ramy Brook?

Brook is my middle name! And you’ve certainly moved on from tops. A lot of the tops then became dresses, now there are pants! Now, we’re delving into skirts, shorts, and knits. Maybe leather will be next?

What’s the most exciting moment you have had in your business so far? 
I took my collection in to see a friend of our family who had been the head of personal shopping at Bergdorf for a very long time. I put my stuff in a fitting room, and Chelsea Handler’s personal shopper walked in, and she wanted to buy every top! The personal shopper then called the buyer for the 5th floor, and she loved it. Bergdorf has been a fantastic partner for us.

How long have you been coming to the Hamptons?
Since I was 22! I loved doing the sharehouses. I didn’t care if I slept on the floor, I just wanted to be here. I met my husband at a party in Westhampton or Quogue, and we got married in 1995. We built this house in 2000, and we’ve been coming here ever since. We only had our son Kyle at the time, but the goal was always to have more kids and invite friends and family. Now, Kyle’s 13, Dylan is 10, and Stevie is eight. They’re total city kids, so it’s nice to come here. They just run right outside as soon as we arrive. The trampoline is their favorite! 

How do you unwind as a family?
We love going into Sag Harbor and looking at the boats. The kids love the beach, but I’m not a huge fan. My husband, Rob, is a wonderful cook and an expert on Italian cooking, and the kids love to help. You’ll see them at the counter chopping up onions and carrots.

Your parties are apparently legendary.
We’ll do dinner for 60 people! I never say no if anyone wants to bring a friend. I keep extra tables and tablecloths in the garage, so we can always make room. I do like everyone to have a specific seat—it makes for really interesting conversations. We always do a dance floor by the pool, and by the end of the night, someone’s in the water. That’s why I make sure the water is warm—and there are plenty of extra towels! 

Who’s the DJ?
I do it when I’m allowed! I like everything from One Direction to the Allman Brothers. Sometimes my husband disagrees and wants more ‘party’ music.

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