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2013 September 19

From The Daily Coterie: Jonathan Adler's Accessories Line, Decoded!

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(NEW YORK) It's the last day of Coterie, but don't shed a tear, we've got your backs. Here's a lovely nugget from day three of coverage. King of the home décor jungle Jonathan Adler has added a fashion accessories line to his perpetually cheeky collection. But this week at Coterie he’s still playing house with a display of signature furnishing and gift items at his Lounge Experience. The designer talked Rolex watches, relaxing in Capri, and animals galore with The Daily. Ready to horse around with Mr. Adler?

Love the new accessories! Why did you decide to add them to your home collection?
I’m a restless designer; I’m always looking to do more. The fashion accessories collection lets me bring my design philosophy of irreverent luxury to items that people can carry outside the home. You deserve to be as glamorous as your living room.

How important are accessories to a look?
We live in an age where anything goes. People get inspiration from everywhere and mix high and low. The same goes for their wardrobes. Accessories allow you to experiment with your look. You can channel Talitha Getty one day, and Lilly Pulitzer the next.

What’s your favorite way to accessorize?
My favorite accessory is the Rolex my hubby Simon [Doonan] bought me for our anniversary a few years ago. It’s sentimental, it’s rugged, and I wear it everyday.

The West Village shop on Greenwich Avenue is the first to be devoted to the new line of accessories. Did you choose that location for a reason?
It’s a small space, so it’s perfect to showcase accessories. It’s like the ultimate walk-in closet. The store also features our new gift bar, so you can pick up something for yourself as you shop for everyone on your list.

Where else do you plan on expanding?
The next accessory and gift shop is a pop up shop at the Mall at Short Hills, and after that will be Santa Monica.

Your designs often feature animals. Why?
Animals are well-designed by Mother Nature, and I love to take what she made and distill their shapes down to their essential forms.  There’s no real science to picking the animals we have in the collection—I just started with some of my favorites, and we add more all the time. Our pottery studio is like a ceramic Noah’s Ark.

We’re partial to the snake, but what’s your favorite?
It’s the one snake you wouldn’t mind finding in your yard! I love the horse. It’s one part chinoiserie chic and one part New Jersey horse country.

What’s your bestselling creature?
The snake and the owl are neck and neck. I think the snake has a bit of subversive sex appeal, and owls are magical creatures.  Everyone loves them, but an owl sighting is incredibly rare. They make a real impression.

Your items also have fun words or phrases. How do you come up with them?
It’s a collaborative effort in the office; I’m fortunate to have a talented design team to work alongside. My favorite suggestions are probably unprintable, though. Our new Vice Canisters are what we call “nice vices”—fibs, white lies, and eyelashes. Still as irreverent as the originals, but not as shocking in case you’re looking for a gift for your dear Aunt Gladys.

What’s your favorite color?

It’s the color of happiness.

Do you have a preferred method of relaxation?
Paddle boarding at my Shelter Island pad.

Fun! What’s your favorite memory from this summer?
Our annual week in Capri. I’m pretty sure heaven is just like Capri.

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