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2012 October 12

From The Daily Brides: A Retailer's Rules To Live By

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(NEW YORK) Before you settle on “the one,” hold up! Kleinfeld fashion director Terry Hall has your essential cheat sheet with the top rules of dress shopping that will prevent you from both embarrassing yourself in the studio and ending up with a completely impractical frock you later regret. Memorize and implement! 

1. Enlist an on-call expert.
“Every Kleinfeld bride has my card, which has my email address and my cell phone number. I really want them to utilize it. I’ve had brides literally text me minutes before walking down the aisle and ask, ‘What happens if my heel breaks?’ I text back, ‘Kick off the other shoe, and keep walking.’ I love that they trust me and confide in me. One bride was visiting from Florida. She called me at 11:45 p.m., wanting to know where she could get really good seafood—specifically, fried shrimp.”

2. Please don’t re-enact Fifty Shades of Grey in public.
“Brides can bring up to four people to their dress appointment, but it raises some red flags when the fiancé shows up. Several months ago, a couple who was very sexually in tune with one another came into the store. She was on parade for him, and he couldn’t keep his hands off her! He’d say, ‘Okay, now I need you to try something with a very low back, and I want you to walk like this.’ It became awkward and kinky. A fetish! They really knew what they were doing. I thought, ‘Oh, here we go again!’”

3. Indulge in a teensy weensy refreshment.
“We get a lot of inebriated brides. It’s shocking! We had one bride toss her cookies in the consultant’s room the other day. What I’m discovering is that brides are terrified—maybe they’re not sure about the wedding, or maybe it’s because the dress is a big purchase. We keep it all rainbows and butterflies here, and we love to have fun, but you’re going to probably try on 10-plus gowns, and it may get exhausting. A little buzz can loosen you up! We should really keep vodka on hand.”

4. Don’t pass up the dress that makes you sparkle.
“Multiple wedding gowns are becoming popular. It’s not unusual to buy three gowns for one wedding. I had an older bride, who was originally from Cuba, and this was her first wedding. Lots of makeup and plastic surgery. Very tan. The first dress was fairly typical, but the second gown she bought was the most beaded, bedazzled dress we had. It was so bright you couldn’t look directly at it. She didn’t think it had enough sparkle, so she bought a $10,000 Swarovski bolero to wear over it.”

5. Allow for maximum flexibility.
“Brides should always ask if they can sit and dance in the dress. But I had a bride recently who chose a gorgeous, super tight mermaid gown that she literally couldn’t sit down in. She opted to take it anyway and changed her plans from a sit-down dinner to standing hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. She thought, ‘If I can’t sit down, no one else can, either!’”

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