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2010 July 21

Ennio Capasa Launches EEQUAL

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Stefano Beraldo and Ennio Capasa, with the line's new logo Stefano Beraldo and Ennio Capasa, with the line's new logo
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(NEW YORK) Ennio Capasa, designer of Costume National and its bridge line, C’N’C Costume, is about to go even more affordable with his new line: EEQUAL, created in collaboration with Italian fast fashion chain OVS. The collection, presented today in Italy, will be sold starting with the Spring 2011 collection in select OVS stores, of which there are nearly 500 in Italy and throughout Europe. “The temptation to develop a ‘democratic’ fashion project accessible to anyone has been very strong for a designer in the last few years,” said Capasa in a release. “The real challenge is to offer a high quality product with a creative and original idea behind it, and put it on the market at a price that is affordable for those who already love fashion, but especially for the new generation that we want to educate to a essential, modern and sophisticated style that define my work.”

EEQUAL, which combines the first letter of Capasa’s name with the concept of the line, will get personalized spaces in 120 OVS stores to start, expanding throughout the company’s network later. “The collections will be conceived and designed by Ennio Capasa and his team. We will take care of prototyping, production and distribution,” said Stefano Beraldo, CEO of OVS parent company Gruppo Coin. “We are confident that this will bring additional value to our company because our team will be motivated by the need to compare itself to the work of a designer like Ennio Capasa. We like to think of ourselves as being a huge platform where the best and most original skills come together to design and deliver intelligent, contemporary ideas and products.”

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