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2012 December 13

ENK and Advanstar Consolidate and Integrate Men's and Footwear Shows

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ENK Coterie in NYC's Javits Center, September 2010 ENK Coterie in NYC's Javits Center, September 2010
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(NEW YORK) Advanstar Global, which acquired ENK in mid-November, is doing some major restructuring to its ever-expanding roster of shows, which now includes MAGIC, PROJECT, FN Platform, and Licensing International. PROJECT will now house the men's brands previously under the ENK imprint, thus moving all menswear shown at ENKNYC's to PROJECT New York; the same shift will be made from ENK Vegas to Project Vegas. As for the fairer sex, womenswear previously shown at PROJECT Las Vegas will now be shown at ENK Vegas. Translation: ENK Vegas will be strictly focused on women's labels, while Project Las Vegas will span the gamut of men's as well as coed brands.

Taking notes yet? In terms of footwear, the ENK WSA show in Las Vegas and the Sole Commerce show in New York will be overseen by Advanstar's vice president Leslie Gallin, who reports to Tom Florio. Consolidating ENK's pieds-focused sector under Advanstar. Additionally, a new show for directional and high-end designer brands, The Tents, will be added to the MAGIC marketplace. Also, Street and S.L.A.T.E. shows will merge into MVMNT, a trade outfit highlighting a young demographic of brands, buyers, and shoppers.

In other Advanstar news, PROJECT announced in November; the site, set to launch next month, will become an extension of MAGIC and ENK tradeshows. The aim? To facilitate order tracking under a new, digital operational platform. 

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