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2013 August 7

Digital Mag Editions On The Rise As Newsstand Sales Continue To Fall

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(NEW YORK) The shape of the publishing landscape continues to evolve, according to a report by Alliance Audited Media. Magazine subscriptions and newsstand sales are still plummeting this year, but the bright side is that digital subscriptions are on the rise. Overall subscription sales declined by one percent in 2013, while newsstand sales fell by 10 percent. Who was hit the hardest? Celebrity magazines and women's titles, who have struggled to compete with online content that breaks much sooner (read: almost instantly) than the monthly and weekly publications can deliver. Life & Style Weekly posted a 20.9 percent decline, Us Weekly a 16.7 percent decline, and People an 11.8 percent decline. 

Meanwhile, fashion glossies like Glamour dropped 28.8 percent, Cosmopolitan dropped 23.9 percent, andVogue declined by 10.4 percent at the newsstand. So what's the good news? Cosmopolitan's digital subscriptions grew by 33 percent with 246,815 subscribers. Other publications to make the list for digital subscriptions were: Ok! Weekly at 135,709, which was the most for celeb publications; GQ at 99,185; NYLON at 79,616; and Vanity Fair at 75,293, to name a few. But who took home the top space in digital subscriptions? Game Informer Magazine, at a whopping 2,974,512. 

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