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2013 April 18

Cover Gal Karlie Kloss And Jo Malone London Fête Cherry Bombe's Debut

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Karlie Kloss Karlie Kloss
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(NEW YORK) An amalgam of foodists and fashionettes in one place is both awesome and nothing novel. But the combo playing out on the pages of a gorgeous, quite coffee table-apropos new mag that’s got equal footing and cred in both worlds—and can reel ‘em in person to celebrate? Such was the case at last night’s Jo Malone London-sponsored launch shindig for Cherry Bombe, the pretty new tome by industry vets Kerry Diamond and Claudia Wu. The duo both did overlapping stints at Harper’s Bazaar a decade ago; now, Wu’s got a creative agency and an indie mag, Me, while Diamond’s gone on to work on the PR side at Coach and open a pair of Brooklyn restos, Seersucker and Nightingale 9, plus a coffee shop. For their first cover, Diamond and Wu went with an apron-donning Karlie Kloss—more on her later.

The food was delicious, befitting the mag being celebrated and the location, the Spotted Pig, being utilized. Guests hiked up to the supremely tucked-away test kitchen of the resto, nestled on the top floor (good luck trying to find it, April Bloomfield junkies). A light onion, thyme, and ricotta tart made beckoned to be inhaled in single bites (or was that just us?), along with prosciutto fritters avec tomato ginger, plus bowls of roasted almonds and marinated olives. Also on the menu: “devils on horseback,” aka Bloomfield’s boozy, pear-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Dessert was outsourced to the sweets geniuses at Il Laboratorio del Gelato: their squat popsicles comprised of chocolate-dipped gelato got avid play (no surprise there).

Last night’s party people included Maria Cornejo, Mission Chinese’s Danny Bowien, Whitehall’s James Marshall with wife Elettra Wiedemann, Garance Dore, and a slew of edit types (all of whom factoed into the mag’s first issue somehow) like Bon Appetit’s Christine Muhlke, W’s Alix Browne and Jane Larkworthy, Lucky’s Jean Godfrey June, Into The Gloss’ Emily Weiss, and Eva Chen. Besides the mag's fans in attendance last night, its Kickstarter has roughly $21,500 in support and 345 backers thus far. Not too shabby! Post-popsicles, the crowd headed downstairs and back into one of those pitch-perfect, crisp spring eves on the quiet fringes of the West Village, armed with issue one, a Cherry Bombe tote bag made from recycled soda bottles (oh so eco), a few Karlie’s Kookies to nosh on, and one of those cultishly adored Jo Malone London candles.

Without further ado, a few food-centric words with Kloss. We’re eagerly awaiting the mod and Cherry Bombe cover lass’ next kitchen creation. Et vous?

Love the cover, Karlie! How would you describe the mag and the cover shoot experience?
Kerry is incredibly talented. Her unique experience in fashion and her knowledge of the food industry gives her a really refreshing perspective of both.

Sounds like a girl crush to us.
She’s this smart woman with great style and taste—quite literally. It’s a beautiful magazine. There’s nothing else out there quite like it.

Who’s your foodie BFF?
My friend Christina Tosi from Momofuku Milk Bar. We started the Karlie’s Kookie project together!

What’s it like working with Christina?
Everything Christina makes is out of this world, and she has such a unique way of baking. What’s important to me is nutrition and health, while still making a cookie that tastes delicious. So it’s the best of both worlds: it’s the most delicious cookie you’ll ever eat!

A teaser for your next edible collab, please!
We’re actually coming out with a new pie! It’s called the Dream Girl Pie. And it'll be out in May. It’s the next addition to the Karlie’s Kookies family, and you have to try it! Have you ever tried Milk Bar’s Crack Pie?

Have I?! An addiction would aptly describe my relationship to Crack Pie. 
Ha! Well, Dream Girl Pie is like the healthy version.

I’ve been looking for that all my life.
Girl, that’s it. You’ve found it. You’ve got to get some!

Since the mag is called Cherry Bombe, how do you feel about cherries?
Heck yes, I love cherries. I like them 360°. I’ve never met a cherry I didn’t like.

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