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2012 March 1

Drama in Burch-land

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Tory and Chris Burch, circa 2008 Tory and Chris Burch, circa 2008
Patrick McMullan
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The lacquered, logo-laden, preppified turf wars between Tory and Chris Burch, she for her eponymous line (obvi) and he for C.Wonder, nudged towards resolve with today's departure of Chris as board co-chair of his ex-wife's brand. Drama between the Burchs purportedly hit the boardroom on February 22, when Chris was booted from his post at Tory Burch (with the full, well-chronicled scoop here!). While Tory is purportedly trying to avoid the courtroom however possible, by first "asking him to change his concept, which includes C. Wonder’s product, the design and the boutique," according to Page Six's source. Quite a tall order, but not necessarily unwarranted. Stay tuned as the big bucks back-and-forth continues...

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