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2012 March 21

Ferragamo Face Bianca Balti on Drug Stores and Little Italy

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Bianca Balti Bianca Balti
Billy Farrell/
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(NEW YORK) Ferragamo's swanky soiree at Palazzo Chupi amassed a swarm of floral-frocked damsels, parfum aficionados and those curious about the pink palace last night as the Italian house feted the North American launch of their latest fragrance, Signorina. Naturally, top model Bianca Balti flew in from Italy to celebrate the debut as the face of the sweet smelling spritzer. 

How are you?
Good! I’m feeling a bit drunk.

I'm not drunk off wine! It’s been a long day. We’ve been shooting a Ferragamo video all afternoon.

Everyone wants to talk to you!
I’m used to it, especially in Italy. But you never really get used to it, going to parties for work. I want to dance! I go to parties to have fun.

What’s the best party you’ve been to?
My birthday party yesterday. I had an intimate brunch with my friends under the sun. I got so many good gifts, like an iPhone, a beautiful bag from Ferragamo and amazing flowers from Dolce & Gabbana and Ferragamo.

Do you ever go to Little Italy?
No! It’s not real Italian. I like to stay in the East Village. Alora, you have to understand I am a lazy person. When I am not working, I am sleeping.

Any East Village favorites?
I love the pharmacies.

Like Duane Reade?
Yes! They have everything. Have you been there?

Once or twice.
It’s great! In Italy, everyone’s always bothering you and asking if you need help. You have to buy something. Here, they leave you alone. Yesterday, I bought a new comb. They’re so cheap. Every time I go, I have to buy a new comb. You know the fake nails? They have them for kids so I bought those for my daughter. She’s going to go crazy.

Where are you going after the Ferragamo fete?
The Dolce & Gabbana campaign in Sicily. I’m dying to go back there! 

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