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2014 January 3

Best of The Daily: The New G-URL: Into The Gloss' Emily Weiss

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Emily Weiss Emily Weiss
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(NEW YORK) Before the 2013 clock runs out, we thought we'd revisit some of our best hits, read on...
The Daily's inaugural Fashion Media Awards was the event to top this NYFW. Missed all the illustrious winners from the FMAs? Fret not! Here's the scoop on our beauty Innovator of the Year: Emily Weiss. With
 Into the Gloss, Weiss reinvented the high-end beauty game for a new generation of marketers and proved that quality edit still counts. Meet the new queen of the lipstick jungle! 

When did your obsession with beauty begin?
In middle school and high school I would do everyone’s makeup for all the dances, but it really took hold when I was assisting on shoots for Vogue. It was eye opening to see how the hair and makeup artists worked with the photographer and the stylist to complete a whole head-to-toe look. 

Did you always want to start your own site?
I think that was just a natural, if slightly surprising, evolution of my various experiences in the fashion world.

Tell us about those first few months.
I was working on the site from 4 to 8 a.m. every day, transcribing interviews and shooting people on the weekends, and really just having a lot of fun. It was super exciting, but also ‘all hands on deck.’

Lancôme was one of your first advertisers. How did you land such a major name so early in the game?
Sheer persistence! I cold called Kerry Diamond, who was there at the time, about once a week for weeks, until she finally answered and I got in there. I just showed her the layout and told her my philosophy.

Any big brands you’d still love to land?
I’d love to do something with Pantene Pro V. I think hair is such an important thing for women. Hair products are somewhat bewildering since everyone’s hair is so different. It’s almost like each woman needs her own prescription.

What was the jump like from working for a glossy to running your own site?
It was scary, but any change is scary. But I’m a big believer in no risk, no reward. I think it was the right thing for me, and it’s certainly been a wild ride.

Keep reading for more beauty dish from Weiss!

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