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2010 July 14

Anne Christensen Reacts!

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Anne Christensen Anne Christensen
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(NEW YORK) Anne Christensen's storyline has been one of the most frenzied (and oft-discussed) during this summer of media shakedowns. At last, a happy ending---yesterday, as The Daily reported, she was named executive fashion director at Glamour. Naturally, it was time to check in with Condé's newest (full-time!) power player as she boarded a plane to Paris.

When you left T a few weeks ago, did you expect to be attached to a different magazine so quickly?
Not at all! To be honest, I was looking forward to a leisurely summer. But sometimes opportunities come up, and I truly felt like this was the right moment and the right job. I think Cindi is great. She’s very respected, and I couldn’t say no.

What about this gig appealed to you?
Having an opportunity to stay on top of fashion and bringing in new ideas and photographers to this very joyful and very American magazine. It’s a huge magazine, obviously, with huge platforms and readership. The reach of 12 million readers is pretty amazing.

But will this mass audience be challenging to your aesthetic?
Even in my last few years at T, I was trying to embrace mass market brands, and this is a great mix of high and low. This is how people dress, and we just have to embrace this reality. I’m not afraid of the challenge.

A year ago, did you imagine that Stefano and you would be working at two different Condé mags?
Not at all, of course! I worked at Condé before, but ten years is still a long time. I guess I’m pretty adaptable when I like my work environment. But I guess now Stefano and I can have lunches at the 4 Times Square cafeteria.  

Do you speak with Stefano after getting this job?
Yes, he’s very fond of Cindi, so he was very happy for me. Just very warm words and congratulations from his end.

It’s been the craziest media summer in recent memory. Is this good for the industry?

It has been shocking from every perspective!  But it’s a good refresher for every masthead.  Such changes just make you want to reinvent yourself.

You have more than a month before your August 24 start date. What are your plans?
I’m shooting in Paris for Vogue China, and after that I will have any family reunion, then I'm working with Bruce Weber right after that before heading out to St. Barth. But my family reunion in Idaho is an annual tradition, and it’s as far away from the New York media world as you can imagine.

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