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2010 March 11

All the Tweets You Can Take!

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Daisy Lowe Daisy Lowe
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(TWITTER) stefanogabbana: I like many fashion show from paris... :-)

DitaVonTeese: Why did I stay up til 4am smoking the hookah & dancing to Lebanese music with Elie Saab & family til 4am when I had an early wake up today?

prabalgurung: @bryanboy ppl have horrible taste RT@bryanboy Why do people pay attention to kate grosselin? I don't get it

bryanboy: I need to see a ripped, hard as a rock, lean jock in this sea of bulging tummies in order for me to restore my faith in american humanity


Jess_Stam: Caviar Kaspia is so fashion.

peaches_g: LA is so damn windy tonight. Its like that movie Twister. But not as bad. Or as low budget.

Oh_So_Coco: The shows are done!!!! I'm listening to 'Just a little bit longer' in my hotel room thinking about my Boo!

daisylowe: Danny is telling me I'm not ready to have babies because I haven't gone through my lesbian phase yet...

HilaryHRhoda: 8:30 Soul Cycle spin class out of the way, now I'm readyyy for the day

ladygaga: Its a town full of losers, and I'm pulling out of here to win

BrooklynDDecker: Got my first parking ticket!! Well technically, my agent did... But I feel like such a rebel!

heidimount: So after dinner the women on the train only had fish left and they were wondering why nobody wanted to eat the fish. Hello train fish! No.

derekblasberg: Dear @purplediary, thank you for making me look like AN INSANE SEX ADDICT in this snazzy slide show from your party:

AggyDeyn: Gilbert Grape!

iamMarkRonson: "hour 9" of listening to nick rhodes make noises to scare children

RobertVerdi: I'm at ruby tuesday with my mom, my aunt joan and my cousin regina... Can I get a full rack of bar-b-que ribs please!!!

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