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2012 October 3

Catching Up With...Alice Temperley

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Alice Temperley Alice Temperley
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(PARIS) Guess who we caught up with in Paris? Alice Temperley! The Daily got the dish on Temperley's various lines, potential expansion in NYC, and her quest for Parisian taxidermy.

How would you describe your customer base?
She likes something that she can wear and wear, and stand the test of time. When people find us, they're very loyal, which is lovely. 

You showed in New York for a few seasons: would you ever come back?
There's a possibility that we might show our Alice line there. We'll probably keep the main line in London. We're coming to New York to show bridal. I've never been to a bridal fashion week, so I'm really quite intrigued!

Why did you decide to go from presentation to runway again in London last month?
The main line collection is a dreamy collection and it's something that needs to be brought to life.  

Though we're in Paris, what're your thoughts on London Fashion Week?
The fashion council has been very supportive of the younger designers. The new designers are very creative and much more business-savvy, because they have mentors helping them. For a long time, people were making unwearable collections. Now, there are collections being made that can actually be sold! That's made a huge difference. Erdem, Jonathan Saunder, and other established British brands are coming back to England to show there. It's a good place to be. 

What's your stateside plan?
We're planning to open a shop in New York. I love Soho, but the main line could also be uptown. There's a whole resurgence for us again in the States again since the recession, when European brands found it impossible [to sell]; There's an excitement and buzz.

Pippa Middleton wore Temperley! Do people ask you about this all the time?
(laughs) I find it really weird that people still talk about it. People love that, I guess. Yeah... People are generally fascinated when anybody wears a dress, whether it's those girls or someone else, but particularly more so with her. That's our culture. It happens to be at a time when the collections are doing well.

Did it have any effect on business?
People wanted that green dress, but they didn't get it. We made it especially for Pippa, and we can't cash in on that!

We'll never ask you about her again! Let's talk Paris! What's your on your schedule?
There's an amazing taxidermy shop in Paris that I haven't been to yet, but that's on my schedule while I'm here. I'm after a unicorn.

Why a unicorn?
I don't know. I just want one. It has something to do with the fantasy life that I'm trying to live in. 

Do you have a favorite French person?
I'd like to dress and meet Marion Cotillard. Her performance in La Vie en rose blew my head off. I think she's worn us before, but I'm not sure what. I'd like to dress her properly.

Favorite French phrase?
La Vi En Rose!

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