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2012 September 28

Anna Dello Russo Talks H&M

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Anna Dello Russo Anna Dello Russo
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(PARIS) Fashion week just wouldn't be the same without a look at what Anna Dello Russo is wearing every day.  Finally, everybody's fave Italian has teamed up with H&M to make every day fashion week with a new accessories line for the Swedish brand that's available October 4th in select stores. The Daily chatted up ADR in Paris to find out why she's coming to the masses.

Why did you decide to collab with H&M?
I didn't want to do anything that was like anything else. Everybody's doing clothing, but not everybody is doing accessories well. I thought it was a good idea to do something for the younger generation; it's a modern era! Fashion is youthful right now. I'm happy to be a part of this moment and not part of what's old fashioned.

Why accessories?
To me, they emphasize a look. If you have beautiful clothes, but no accessories, you don't get the look. The idea is to make a look! 

You've said that "accessories are like vitamins to fashion: you should use them literally as such." Do you take vitamins?
No! I do live a healthy life. I take [vitamins] through the foods I eat, though.

What's your favorite piece from your H&M collection?
The turquoise suitcase, because it represents my life. I'm always in an airport, travelling around the world. 

H&M is going to bring you to a mass audience! Do you want to become a household name in America?
This is not my goal. My goal is being in contact with the younger people; that's what is important. It's not the fame, it's to be today. I want to be refreshing!

You don't have any kids?
Unfortunately, no. I have a lot of nephews and nieces. When I showed them the "Fashion Shower" video, my 10-year-old niece told me that she loved it. 

You've been going to shows for weeks now. Are you tired?
No, no, no. I love fashion week. It's like a marathon, but I love fashion shows so much that I'm not complaining at all. 

What's next for you?
My dream is to be a singer. I like to pretend to be a singer. It's really fun. Music makes me happy! It goes well with fashion.

Who would your dream duet be with?
I cannot tell you. I'll come off as too pretentious. No, no, no...

Do you still have a boyfriend?
Yes, but he's not a musician, unfortunately.  

What are you most excited about during Paris Fashion Week?
Balenciaga was brilliant, as usual. This time it was like a nice breath of fresh air; like opening a window! It was couture for a younger person. I can tell you the rest of what I like in a couple of days!

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