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2010 September 9

A Moment With...Whitney Pozgay

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Whitney Pozgay Whitney Pozgay
Patrick McMullan/
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The Whit designer is showing at New York's Fashion Week for the first time.

Welcome to Fashion Week! How did you get here?
Before I started Whit, I was the women’s designer at Steven Alan. I oversaw the Lark & Wolff by Steven Alan collection for Urban Outfitters as well as his collaboration for Uniqlo. Before that, I was at Kate Spade for a little over four years. I climbed my way up the ladder doing apparel, novelty accessories, and hair accessories.
Where’s your studio?
We work out of my business partner’s apartment, but I design out of my kitchen in Williamsburg.
What does your aunt Kate [Spade] think?
She really likes it! Kate and Andy started their business before they were married, and my boyfriend is the other creative half of our team—I do design, but he oversees everything from the website to the look book. So they’ve given me great advice on how to have a good dialogue and working relationship. No matter what, it’s an interesting dynamic!

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