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2011 July 26

A Moment With...Michael Kors

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Michael Kors Michael Kors
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 (NEW YORK) The Daily gabbed with Michael Kors about his forays into Asia, replete with the recent addition of Patrick Leeformer CEO of Christian Dior Couture and Parfums, as president of Michael Kors China. Plus, the designer’s beloved Gotham spot for Chinese fare, and the tricks of Kors’ très tan visage. Never a dull moment in Michael’s orbit! ALEXANDRA ILYASHOV 

What’s new in the world of Kors? 
Oh my God, what’s new?! Where to begin. We just opened our first store in Hong Kong, which is super exciting. 

Have you spent much time in Asia? 
I’m there once or twice a year, and we’re going to be doing a whole Asia tour in the fall, because we’re opening stores all over the place. 

Are you a fan of Asian cuisines? 
Hello?! I love! I do Vietnamese, and I just love Thai food—there’s nothing like getting on a plane and jetting to Amanpuri resort in Thailand. I grew up here, so of course good Chinese is one of my favorites. 

As a native New Yorker, where’s the best Chinese in this city? 
I’m still a Peking Duck House kind of guy. 

From food to the more pressing matter at hand—this horrifically hot weather. Thoughts?  
This is like living in Asia. We’re basically in Southeast Asia right now. New York in this weather is the new Kuala Lumpur. 

Would you swap a blizzard in February for the dog days of July?
I’ll always take the heat. Always! I’m a summer boy; I’m a Leo, after all.

So how are you feeling about your tan, since we’re basically halfway through the summer? 
I am obviously a person who does lay in the sun. I cheat and use a real SPF, then I layer my Bain de Soleil on top. Orange Gelee is my secret. August is my vacation month, so you’ll have to check in with me about my tan right before the New York collections. I’m working on it...

What’s one of most ridiculous moments you’ve had working with Heidi on-set?
We have them every day. The best show would be just us hanging out. 

What would that Project Runway spin-off be called?
‘Potty Talk With Michael And Heidi.’

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