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2011 October 26

A Moment With...Melissa Joy Manning

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Melissa Joy Manning Melissa Joy Manning
Patrick McMullan
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When Chic last met jewelry designer Melissa Joy Manning, she might have kindly told us to F-off, but last night at the CFDA party, we were chums again. 

Thoughts on joining the CFDA?
I'm really excited! It was a goal for a longtime, so to finally be a member is great. I feel like I'm at the prom right now. When Steven (Kolb) first told me that I got in, I cried for a second, and he said to get it together, and not tell anyone.

What else have you been a member of in your life?
Drop out club? In high school, I was in student government.

What did you do?

I was the spirit leader, which was such a joke. I'm actually deceptively shy, but I wanted to do something in student government. I was also in a sorority for a year in college. Hated it. I dropped out. I've never been much of a club person. This is the first one that I admired and respected and wanted to be a part of. 


Is this your first time at Donna Karan's house?

No, I come every week. We do pilates.



It's a lovely place, very warm.



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