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2012 January 11

A Moment With...Jason Wu (and Karlie, too!)

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Karlie Kloss and Jason Wu Karlie Kloss and Jason Wu
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(NEW YORK) At last evening’s YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund’s 75th annual Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship dinner soiree at the Waldorf-Astoria, The Daily caught up with Jason Wu, the evening’s honoree, about his Target shopping tendencies, sense of humor, and penchant for trail mix. Also! Wu’s date, Karlie Kloss, divulged Wu’s “high rolling” sporty aptitude. Strike!

Congrats on the YMA FSF’s Future of Fashion Award, Jason! What’s the silliest award you’ve ever won?
I was voted “Most Funniest” at one point. I think I was in middle school.

Are you still funny?

I’d say I have a sense of humor today. It’s good to not take things too seriously, have fun, and keep it light.

Loving your Target collab! What was your most recent Target spree?
I was just there, actually—I was on my way to Mexico for vacation, and was stuck in Houston for a day because of a flight cancellation.  Across the street from the hotel was a Target, and I was like, 'Ooh,' because I rarely get to go in the city.

What did you fill your cart(s) with?
Oh my God, I bought everything. It’s like being a kid in a candy store! I bought the Steve Jobs book, which I just have to read, I got snacks, and a day planner. Everything is so chic there. 

What kind of snacks?
I got a lot of trail mix. I love trail mix. Plus, I figured it was good for my flight the next day. 

How big a bill did you rack up?
Eighty dollars! When I checked out, I was like, 'That’s it? All of this for only $80?' So I needed to go back and get more stuff.

Did you do a Houston Target trip, part deux?
Yes. I went back twice.

Why Target for your first high-low market collab?
I’ve been approached before, and I never felt ready to do it. When Target approached me, it was a pretty quick decision because I think they get it; they understand design. It’s evident everywhere in the store, not just through their fashion programs. I thought they were the best partners to really translate my vision and give a bigger audience a piece of Jason Wu.

Which Jason Wu for Target looks are the most RTW-ready?

I think they all would blend in seamlessly with my runway collections! But definitely the printed lace pieces. That’s become one of my signatures.

Any other catwalk-apropos designs we should suss out at Target, come February 5?

Also, the little white blouse with a bow tie. That’s become very ‘me’ as well, plus a little [Comme des] Garçons inspiration thrown in.

Plus! Wu’s pal, Karlie Kloss, weighs in on bowling with Wu and trying to be punctual this year…
How’s your honoree date of the eve treating you, Karlie?
Look at that stud over there! [gesturing to Wu doing a solo step-and-repeat]. He just got back from vacay, and he’s so tan! I think he’s my arm candy for the evening.

What’s the wackiest thing about Wu?

He’s an amazing bowler.

What do you think his bowling secret is?

Practice. I definitely think he practices. Every time we go bowling he always shocks me. Maybe it’s just in his blood or something—or maybe it’s because I’m an awful bowler.

Could you see Wu whipping up bowling getups down the line?
Definitely! He should do the outfits for the Olympic bowling team. They’re not very chic uniforms, so they could use Jason’s help.

What’s one of your New Year’s resolutions?

Timeliness! I’m always late. So I finally bought a watch and I’m wearing it all the time. I haven’t been late—well, except for tonight, since Jason and I were late.

That’s nine days of punctuality in 2012, at least!
Hey, I have a few hundred more days left to be on time, right?

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