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2011 June 29

A Moment With...Ferragamo's Massimiliano Giornetti

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Massimiliano Giornetti Massimiliano Giornetti
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(NEW YORK) Last night, the Salvatore Ferragamo Resort 2012 show drew a haute crowd (including Eva Mendes, Ashley Greene, a duo of Emmas—Roberts and Watson) to the stately James B. Duke mansion for a breezy, glam thirties-inspired collection awash in blue hues and subtle sparkle. The Daily caught up with Ferragamo creative director Massimiliano Giornetti during post-presentation cocktails at the Carlyle.

After over a decade helming menswear at Ferragamo, what’s it like to design for both genders?
It’s very different. You are much more adventurous with womenswear—you reinvent yourself every season. One season, you work with flats; the next season, every girl is in high heels. If you want to be connected with reality, you’re playing with the same parts and pieces that were around 100 years ago. The pants, the jacket, the short, the blazer. It’s all the sartorial. The idea of casual design feels newer, and sportswear is becoming more and more intense.

How was your latest experience designing for women?
This is my fourth collection for women, and I’ve kept my vision of reinventing classic Ferragamo pieces. Ferragamo started their ready-to-wear  in the ‘70s, and I was inspired this time around by the silhouette of the cape and the type of tailoring Salvatore used. Season after season, I want to make everything more sensual and fluid—more natural, in a way. I aim to create a true lifestyle, so the womenswear is really tied to the menswear; it’s about the complete dream of the Italian lifestyle.

Now that resort is done, do you get a bit of time to unwind?
I’ve started working on the spring/summer collection to show this fall. What’s next? Making the dream of Salvatore come true. And the dream of what the family hopes to accomplish today—cool, fresh, modern, chic. Everything feels very contemporary right now.

You’re practically a Ferragamo at this point—what’s the family like?
I have very strong ideas, but I also really respect the family and their vision so much. In my private life, family is very important, so I find it easy to work with the Ferragamos. Mrs. Wanda Ferragamo will be celebrating her 90th birthday this year. She’s incredible! Every time I see her she’s giving me new style tips, and she’ll talk about the dreams of Salvatore.

What’s on your bucket list?
I hope to reach 90! With all the stress, I’m not so sure!  I’d like to be at peace with myself. I don’t want to regret anything, and I’d love to always be a very clean and honest person.

What are your thoughts on Ferragamo’s IPO, which is happening today?
This show was a way to celebrate the IPO in New York—Salvatore started his company in the United States, in Hollywood, but in a way, Ferragamo is so at home here. It feels like the right timing!

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