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2009 November 20

A Moment With...Delfina Delettrez Fendi

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Delfina Delettrez jewelry Delfina Delettrez jewelry
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(NEW YORK) "I think that she's a really good storyteller," said Humberto Leon of Delfina Delettrez Fendi, designer of the spooky-chic Delfina Delettrez jewelry line, last night at her presentation at Opening Ceremony. The daughter of Silvia Venturini Fendi has broken out from her famous family to create a collection that, while appropriately luxe, has quite a subversive side--think silver skeleton hands complete with polished fingernails, a Michael Jackson brooch with a skull head (created months before the king of pop's death), and rings featuring parts of the body from noses to eyes to a pair of breasts. As shoppers like Stefano Tonchi browsed the collection over cocktails, The Daily caught up with the young designer.

What's the inspiration for this season's collection?
The collection is called Anatomik. It was presented in Paris at the Louvre, so we tried to recreate it here! It's all inspired by the human body--hands, nose, eyes, mouth--and It's a bit surrealistic, inspired by Di Chirico, Dali. I started doing jewels with eyes, like reptile eyes.

Who is your customer?
It depends. The clients are very vast, from the girl my age to my grandmother's friends. It's a way to play with jewels.

How did your family influence what you're doing now?
I tried to break away. I wanted to get my independence, and that's why I chose jewels. I didn't want to do my mom's work. I don't feel the pressure, because we're doing such different things. But one day I hope to get into fashion.

You should try to talk Karl into putting your jewelry on the runway.
I gave some to Karl! Some skulls. It was a brooch. He wears it! Every year, I do a collaboration with a different house. The first one was with gloves, the ones that do the gloves for Chanel, and then I did Le Grand Bijou, and then I did some sunglasses, and I'm working on another one.

Building an empire?
Yeah. I hope! Next thing, I hope will be fashion, some day. It's the dream.

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