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2010 May 18

A Moment With...Deepak Chopra

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Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra
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(NEW YORK) Physician and alternative medicine guru Deepak Chopra is adored by millions, the fashion set compris. Last night, T Magazine and ABC Carpet & Home hosted an intimate conversation with Chopra titled, “Design, Beauty & Commerce; Serving as a Tool for Social Evolution.” Special guest and fellow spiritual comrade Donna Karan was on hand to support her close friend and other fans such as Lucy Liu and Hugh Jackman (who arrived with a shopping bag in hand). The Daily caught up with Chopra beforehand about his chic circle---and why you’ll never see him hailing a cab.

How long are you in New York?
I was in Boston last night, and I took the train in this morning. I am flying to Ireland immediately after this. Boston, New York, Dublin, all in one day!

Why are you here?
Paulette Cole, who owns ABC Carpet & Home, is a good friend of mine, and she is going to be hosting events regularly here and I will curate some of them. Tonight’s theme is design, beauty and commerce. I will speak about how our consciousness, when it’s aligned with design and beauty, can create a new kind of commerce that really addresses global issues. I see the artist, always, as the social conscious of society.

Do you see this notion becoming more mainstream?
I see the future of art and design and fashion and beauty addressing social issues like social justice, poverty, conflict resolution, the environment. There are people who are taking fashion, art and beauty to a new level and making a real difference in the direction of creating a healthier world. I am always interested in well-being. We are currently in Donna Karan’s section, Urban Zen. [Points to sign that reads “raise awareness, inspire change.”] “That’s what it’s all about!

Who are your favorite designers?
Donna is certainly one of my favorites. I have known her for twenty years, and I have seen a very interesting evolution in her design. I am friends with a lot of designers including Diane von Furstenberg and Calvin Klein. I like them all! But Donna and I work together, so we are very close in that sense.

What's your way to enjoy New York?
I walk New York. I never take a cab, even if I have to walk fifty blocks. I find that New York is a microcosm of the whole planet. You can visit every country here. I am totally in love with New York. I’ve gone to over 150 countries, but this is my favorite city.

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