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2010 March 4

A Moment With...Jason Wu

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Jason Wu Jason Wu
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(NEW YORK) Almost tout le monde may be in Paris these days, but The Daily caught up with Jason Wu at the third floor of Saks Fifth Avenue as he presented his new Spring collection--now available at the department store. We chatted with Wu as he revealed his excitement about Saks, his upcoming trip to Tokyo, and his penchant for “fact collecting.”

Congrats on your new home here!
Thank you! I’ve been in other Saks, and now we’re introducing the collection here in the New York store. It’s fantastic because I’m in great company. I’m next to Nina Ricci, Alaia, Fendi... It’s a great feeling. Saks has been wonderful and this is really the next step for us. For a young designer like myself, it feels great to be next to these designers that I looked up to when I was in school. Things are going really well!

Everyone in the store is buzzing about the woman from Boston who drove in just to buy your dress!
Yes! We had a girl from Boston who took the train this morning to come specifically to the Saks New York store to pick out a dress from the Spring 2010 collection. But a day trip from Boston to New York is worth it for a great dress. So business is going well!

Will you make it to Paris this season for sales?
I’m not going to Paris. I’m traveling next week and I’ll be in Japan really soon. I’ll be in Tokyo and I’m focusing on expanding the collection worldwide. I’ll be gone almost three weeks touring around.

Have you been following the shows?
I’m a little behind, I must say. I’ve got to catch up. I worked all weekend and I’m preparing resort already. There’s been a lot of meetings. When you think about it, it really never ends.

Where is your heart: Paris or Tokyo?
Paris, Tokyo and New York are my three favorite cities in the world. In Tokyo, I love going to this place called Laforet in the Harajuku district. They have this whole floor devoted to gothic Lolita girls. It’s costumey and it’s great to see all the differences in culture. What I love about Tokyo is that people aren’t afraid to dress up. And I love the ramen! It’s basic but completely delicious. I went to school in France for my senior year in high school, my brother lived in Japan for many years, and of course, New York is my home. So I love all these cities. But I can’t imagine going anywhere without a Duane Reade around the corner. I’m always looking for one.

You have a soft spot for The Reade?
Yes, I love The Reade! Did you know that Walgreens just bought them? I don’t really know how I know these things. I just always pick up these little tidbits and facts.

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