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2006 July 5

Noel's Taking Over Nantucket

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The "spaghetti" chandelier in the hotel's hallway The "spaghetti" chandelier in the hotel's hallway
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(NANTUCKET) Vanessa Noel didn’t have to look far to build her new, eco-friendly establishment, Hotel Green. The 33 Centre Street location is adjacent to her existing (and higher-end hotel) VNH.

“It’s something that I’ve always been involved with,” Noel said of the hotel’s organic nature. “After Hurricane Katrina, hearing how the flood created such a cesspool, I thought, ‘We as humans may be intelligent creatures but we’re also destroying ourselves.’” Thus Nantucket’s first luxury organic hotel was born.

Due to officially open in mid-July, the hotel boasts 10 individually decorated suites incorporating environmentally friendly and sustainable products. From the organic linen bedding and Anna Sova milk paint to the hemp shower curtain and buck wheat hull pillows, no detail was spared. Energy-conscious light bulbs are used throughout the entire hotel including the eye-catching “spaghetti” chandelier displayed in the hallway. Even the choice of eco-friendly paints are reminiscent of fresh-picked fruit and vegetables. Jalapeño green floors are paired with cantaloupe hued walls in the public spaces, while aubergine floors complement honeydew walls in the guest rooms.

Noel, who has been vacationing in Nantucket her entire life, felt that it was important to be proactive and take the first step to make a difference. All laundry and cleaning supplies are hypo-allergenic and chemical free. Plus, the hotel will also serve a fully-organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Organic beef burgers and all,” she added. “Just because you stop eating red meat for lunch and dinner, you don’t have to become a vegetarian.”

Noel has also designed a “Step Into Nature” collection of “green” couture shoes. The stilettos, wedges, and thongs will all be constructed of vegetable-tanned leathers, cork, organic hemp, flax, and feathers. “I want to tell people you can still live a luxurious life but still be conscious of the environment,” she said.

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