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2009 December 8

Sustainable Beauty

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(NEW YORK) A certified health counselor and founder of Organice Your Life, Dutch model Lonneke Engel is a fierce proponent of healthy living. Model friend Anne-Marie Van Dijk has always had a passion for protecting animals, particularly marine life. The two teamed up, fusing their passions for nutrition and the environment to hold a launch event last night for Pura-Vida at GustOrganics, promoting environmental ethics and sustainability. The evening’s motto was "The beauty and the waste: more beauty, less waste," and the two fresh faces quickly proved that there is much more behind the pouty poses.

"Every year I have an all-organic Christmas party," explained Engel. "This year I thought, let’s do it at GustOrganics and make it about improving our planet and creating a larger initiative." Van Dijk chimed in, "Pura-Vida is a unique concept dedicated to celebrating sustainable practices within the fashion industry. This will be a part of a series of events, and with every launch of a new concept we want to encourage practical ways of helping the environment that are easily incorporated into your own life. The fashion industry is so followed, and there is a lot of curiosity in terms of who we are. We want to harness that power and energy and focus on sustainable living. We’re hoping it will have a ripple effect!"

Guests quenched their thirst with eco-friendly water bottles. "I like these fancy bottles; very chic!" noted Doutzen Kroes. "I think models are more involved in the environment than people realize," she went on. "Everyone that works on photo shoots sees that there is so much waste, especially plastic, and so it’s important to raise awareness." A favorite, Engel-approved recycling tip? Folding milk cartons to reduce waste space. "People never think to do this simple thing," she noted. "Also, when I was about ten, before I was a model, I wanted to make clothes, but I didn’t have any fabric. So I would make dresses and hats out of old newspapers. These clothes were just for wearing around the house, though!"

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