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2009 November 25

A New Gucci Group

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(NEW YORK) After the recent departures of longtime Gucci execs Charlotte Blechman and Guilia Masla (vice president of public relations for Gucci America and director of worldwide public relations and events, respectively), the brand has added several new names to its lineup. Susan Chokachi, formerly senior executive director of special events and corporate partnerships--responsible for projects like the UNICEF partnership and the brand’s iPhone app--has been promoted to a new post: senior vice president of marketing and communications for Gucci America. Chokachi, who has been with the company 11 years after managing special events at Giorgio Armani, will report to Gucci America CEO Daniella Vitale. Two new hires at Gucci also have backgrounds at Giorgio Armani: Lila Staab, who has been named director of worldwide industry relations, held the same position at Armani, and Alice Bon, who has been named director of worldwide product editorial, archive, and public relations, also comes from Armani.

Replacing Masla as director of worldwide public relations, special events and promotions is J.J. Martin, a former fashion journalist with a background as a marketing director of Calvin Klein Jeans and Underwear. Finally, Jenny Galimberti has been named director of communications for the U.K. and for global brand partnerships, and Annalisa Dimonte has been named worldwide relational marketing director.

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