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2009 November 20

Oh, For Shame!

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Elle superimposes its logo on Lucky's September cover Elle superimposes its logo on Lucky's September cover
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(NEW YORK) A cursory glance at page 186 in the December issue of Elle will look familiar to Lucky readers. The story, called "Camera Ready," features a real woman (read: non-model) and shows how she dresses for her life. This month's subject? Elle's PR director Erin Kaplan, who is photographed while walking in front of an NYC newsstand, reading the New York Post. In the background? A copy of Elle on the newsstand, of course. But wait--Elle didn't feature Mandy Moore on its September cover, did it? Nope--but Lucky did. In fact, ingenious retouchers over at Hachette slapped Elle's logo on the piece, but left the image of Moore and even Lucky's coverlines ("Mandy Moore Gets Seriously Stylish," "Don't Miss This Giveaway!") intact. We understand the need to self-promote, darlings--but why not just splice in your own September issue instead?

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