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2009 November 5

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(NEW YORK) Restructuring Luxury at Versace [NY Times]
Donatella (or Mrs. "Montez" when she travels) says of the time after her brother's death: “It was not easy to believe in myself or the future. Everyone was looking at me like a savior, and I had to have this image of this powerful strong woman, which I am not”

Annie focuses on deal [Page Six]
Liebovitz's financial troubles are far from over; the photographer is currently trying to settle a $300,000 lawsuit accusing her of stealing the work of Paolo Pizzetti

Fresh Idea From Recycle Bin [NY Times]
At an eco-chic pop-up store called Here/Nau/NYC, all the fixtures and furniture will be made from trash: "fallen tree limbs found on the street, timber and metal pipes from derelict Brooklyn factories and piles of discarded cardboard boxes"

Famous Fashion Label: the Sequel [WSJ]
'As "Rocky VII" proves, it's hard to live up to the original but harder yet to abandon an established brand. This is true of fashion houses, too, which is why we're essentially up to "Dior V," "Givenchy V" and "Halston VI: The Designer Strikes Back."'--But can Vionnet, with Castiglioni backing and new designer Rodolfo Paglialunga, make it's comeback?

H&M latest: now we can sell anyone new Jimmy Choos [Times UK]
Are designer collaborations worth it for the high-street retailer? '"Because of relatively high manufacturing costs, designer collections account for a tiny fraction of H&M’s £8.5 million turnover. But that is not the point. “The Viktor & Rolf wedding dress cost a lot more to produce than we charged for it,” says Van den Bosch, “but we like the rumours around these collections. They create a sense of excitement about shopping.”'

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