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2009 November 3

A Moment With...the November 2009 Issue of Allure

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November cover of Allure Magazine November cover of Allure Magazine
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(NEW YORK) What's it like to be a good old-fashioned print rag during this era of relentless downsizing? Because the voice of the printed page is all too unheard, The Daily sat down with the November issue of Allure over the prix fixe vegetarian menu at Sushi Zen. Don’t worry, Si--we picked up the tab.

It’s always hair, makeup, exercise, makeup, diets, makeup. Does the beauty beat ever depress vous?
I’d love to do more stories on religious cults and Sudan, but even though I'm mostly a beauty book, I’m so much more than tinted moisturizers and abdominals. Just this month I teach you how to to enjoy football. But even a totally unpolished beauty cynic can’t help but love "50’s Scent," an adorable piece on Fitty's latest fragrance and his myriad other projects.

Isn’t that technically a beauty story?
Right, but it’s also about rap. We are very edgy.

Do you crave a full-length cover shot?
Over my dead…yeah. The general consensus is that if you can’t see the pores, you can’t see the fine lines. Do wrinkles sell magazines? I don't know, but for my October cover I fought for an extreme close-up of Vanessa Hudgens’ left eye. The concept was all about smoky shadow. Linda killed it.

Does it embarrass you to scream words like "sexiest" month after month?
Even a glossy can blush. We're using variations of that word more than ever before. It must sell or something. But why not use it in top left then?

Do you move on the newsstand? Be honest.
It really depends. Sometimes I linger, especially in bodegas. I do better at airports. Even with my strict exercise regime and all that green juice, I feel totally lame when the US Weeklys of the stand outperform me. If I could cry, I would. I think I have body dysmorphia disorder.

Let’s talk about diets. Any favorites?
I’m sorry, could you repeat the question? I’m fresh off of Heidi [Klum’s] apple cider and vinegar regime. Everything is fuzzy.

Last question: What’s it like to work with Linda?
I mean…the only word for it is transplendent. It is positively transplendent!

OK, last question for real this time. Any personal experience with those prescription meds you always cover?
I’m taking off the microphone. This interview is over.

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