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2009 November 2

Cotton's New Digital Realm

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Cotton Incorporated's Trend Forecasting at Cotton Incorporated's Trend Forecasting at
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(NEW YORK) Thursday evening guests filled the trendy Thompson LES Hotel for the "Color and Surface" event--a celebration of the launch of the interactive Trend Forecast website. Screenshots of the visually arresting website played in the scene’s background, as guests chatted in the cool, relaxed atmosphere and indulged in spicy tuna rolls. Director of product trend analysis Linda DeFranco welcomed guests to enjoy the fabulous view of downtown Manhattan and learn about Cotton’s digital initiative.

"At Cotton Incorporated this is the first time we’ve gone digital, and we finally took the plunge! We used to do a magazine, but with this new digital media there are so many resources and ways to show our materials. What’s so exciting is that we have an opportunity to be even more global than we are now," explained DeFranco.

Interactive elements and innovative visual resources like the silhouette portion allow users to download sketch ideas, easily moving from concept to concrete. "This is an environmentally friendly move, as well!" explained DeFranco. "The magazine was great, but with shipping, producing and printing…all these things take its toll. I know this may seem small, but really anything we can do does make a difference." Breathing a sense of vivacity into Cotton Inc, the new website launch is a colorful and savvy approach in this digital world.

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