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2009 October 28

Devi Kroell Moves In

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Devi Kroell, Madison Avenue Devi Kroell, Madison Avenue
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(NEW YORK) What better time to open your first boutique than in your fifth year of business? Starlets, social types, and fashion folk have flocked to Devi Kroell’s exotic handbags (and ready-to-wear, which was launched a year ago for Spring 2009) since it debuted in 2004, but Kroell has finally opened the doors to her flagship store at the landmarked building at 717 Madison Avenue. The 2800-square-foot, two story space houses her handbags, shoes, ready-to-wear, and leather goods. The Daily caught up with Kroell to chat about the weather, the new Madison shop…and exotic skin equestrian equipment.

Congratulations on the store opening!
Hopefully it’s like a wedding--when you get married on a rainy day, it’s lucky, so hopefully when you open your store in the rain, it’s lucky too!

This store was a long time in the making.
Yes, we spent two years planning it. It’s a landmarked building, so we couldn’t change the façade. We had to get approvals from Madison, from the city…so it took quite a while! But I’m thrilled with it.

How much say did you have in the interior design concept of the store?
All the say! It’s my flagship, and it’s the first store, it’s all about the concept. I wanted it to be very intimate. I picked Space 4, an architecture firm. Their style is very minimal, but at the same time I wanted to mix it with the luxurious materials I like so much. I wanted it to be minimalistic but full of rich, warm materials.

Madison today…what’s next?
The next store opening is planned for end of November in Las Vegas, and there are a few more in the works. We have fantastic real estate in New York, fantastic real estate in Vegas, so I wanted fantastic real estate everywhere else to be a signature. It’s the same design concept everywhere--the madison store is the concept.

On a totally unrelated note, we hear you’re quite the equestrian. How long have you been riding?
On and off since I was little. I haven’t ridden in a few months because my horse has Lyme disease--and I didn’t feel like riding other horses. His name is Sir Lancelot. I’ve had him for about 4 years now.

Do you compete?
I ride for fun. But my horse competes without me. It requires much more time than I have!

Would you ever do a line of equestrian pieces à la Hermès saddles?
Absolutely! My dream is to have my own saddle! I would team up with someone, but that’s definitely a dream of mine to do a few equestrian things. Who doesn’t want to have a whip in some crazy material?

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