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2009 October 28

A Moment with…Diane Kruger

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Jason Wu and Diane Kruger, in a dress by the designer Jason Wu and Diane Kruger, in a dress by the designer
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(LOS ANGELES) Designer Jason Wu caused a stylish stir at Neiman Marcus on Tuesday night, drawing a bevy of beauties to swoon over his most recent collection in Beverly Hills. Hosting the fête, Diane Kruger looked impeccable in a one-shouldered confection by the designer, and took a few moments with The Daily to talk shop.

Tell us about your relationship with Jason and why you were interested in hosting tonight’s party.
I love Jason. He’s made a couple of really gorgeous dresses for me over the last few months. I think every dress he’s ever made fits really great. I couldn’t pick a favorite…every dress he does is sexy yet traditional. It appeals to young girls, but also to a older customer, too. He’s like Chanel in that way.
How were you first introduced to Jason?

Well, he introduced himself to me, actually! I liked a dress from his collection for Cannes and my publicist called up and asked about it. Before I knew it, he showed up with the dress and fitted me for it right then and there. I thought it was so refreshing, you know?

What is it about his pieces that draws you to his collection?
They fit me really well and are really well-made. They don’t unravel at the end of the night…because that happens a lot! They’re flirty and they’re timeless.

What are you currently coveting for fall?
Ohh what do I like? Well I love his dresses, of course, and his daywear is really great. Chanel has a fantastic collection, and I am unconditionally a Chanel lover. I love Chloé this season. I very much want a pair of menswear trousers.

Who has great style in Hollywood?
Honestly, there are a lot of girls who have great style, but I tend to be attracted to girls who have something that I don’t personally want to emulate. Like Agyness Deyn…she wears stuff that I would never wear, but it’s so authentic and sincere, that it inspires me to find my own style. I don’t want to look like anyone else, quite frankly. I try not to follow fashion.

How has your style changed over the years?
I think you evolve depending on whatever message you’re trying to put out. You wear a different kind of dress to the Cannes Festival than you wear to the Oscars. I try to be appropriate with whatever I’m promoting….depending on the movie, I can look flirty or I can look very serious.

What is the one fashion item and beauty item you cant live without?
(Laughs.) Honestly, everything is replaceable! There is nothing that I can’t live without.

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