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2009 October 26

A Moment With...Christian Louboutin

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(NEW YORK) Christian Louboutin is the undisputed king of It shoes these days--a sentiment proven by the unending line of loyal fans who came out to Bergdorf Goodman on Thursday to meet him and have their red soles signed. For four hours, Louboutin (who was only in town until Friday) scribbled away, but The Daily snuck a moment with the master to chat about, among other things, his biggest superfan.

Do you like doing these events?
I do! But I wouldn’t do it every day, that’s for sure! [Laughs]

Does anyone ask you to sign anything crazy?
There was an ice skate! Last time, there was someone who wanted to tattoo my name, so he wanted it on his ass--which I had never seen before!

Did you sign it?
I was like, ‘Are you really sure you want my name on your ass?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I didn’t want to do it on his ass. I thought he should think about it, so instead I did it on his back, and said, ‘You should still think about it! Do you really want my name on your back?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’

Did you ever think that you’d reach this level?
I never thought about that! But everything is possible, so it’s nice. It’s nice that people are pleased. It’s good that people think about these things, that they have a fantasy.

Who is your favorite shoe designer, other than yourself?
Of now? Alaïa.

How is designing shoes for specific designers’ collections different from your process alone?
It is different, it is because it puts you in a different situation. When I’m thinking shoes I’m thinking details, silhouette, etc.--but I really think in terms of details. When you work with designers, you have to fade your idea into another idea. I never think clothes when I’m designing shoes, so when I work with designers, it’s a different attitude. It’s a nice challenge.

So you would never branch into designing clothes yourself?
Never! Never, that’s my idea of hell. I was asked to do a line. I was like, ‘Are you crazy?’

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