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2009 October 23

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(NEW YORK) Fighting Back Against Shoppers' Guilt [WSJ]
"Retail executives say [guilt] has become such an overriding emotion among shoppers since the economic crisis set in last year that it is delaying the recovery of the luxury-goods industry"

What not to wear next summer [Guardian UK]
Clogs, tie-dye, biking shorts, fanny packs--they were all over the runways, but will they survive in real life?

Winter Trend [Vogue UK]
What is a snood, and why do you need it?

Lunch Exposure [Page Six]
Who's dining at Michael's? The restaurant takes to Twitter to announce all its star patrons

Buyer's Round Up [Vogue UK]
Balmain, Jason, Alex, McQueen--who made the top Brit buyers' list for spring?


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