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2009 October 20

Miele Hits Iguatemi

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(NEW YORK) Iguatemi may already be Brazil’s hottest shopping mecca, but it’s about to get a boost of eco-friendly chicness. Tomorrow, Carlos Miele will open his first store at the shopping center made out of entirely repurposed materials. “There was no reason to gut the space and start from scratch when we were inheriting such wonderful elements that we could work with,” said Miele in a statement. “I see that it is our moral obligation to try to minimize our ecological footprint by diverting materials from the waste stream. It’s a different kind of challenge, to adapt to existing conditions rather than create from a blank slate, and I was happy to have this challenge. Designers are essentially gatekeepers between raw materials and final products, whether a dress or a chair or an architectural space.”

The nearly 3000 square foot space, originally designed by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld, will be preserved by Miele’s team and accented by classic Brazilian furniture and a special lighting plan that creates indirect light from the floor and the interior walls. Miele, along with friends and fans, will celebrate the space with a cocktail celebration tonight.

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