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2009 October 16

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(NEW YORK) Senator Armani? [Vogue UK]
Santo Versace nominates Giorgio Armani to become an Italian "senator for life"

Designers’ Domain: Size Zero [WSJ]
With colossal careers, Mark Badgley and James Mischka live their lives in diminutive digs. "Welcome to the smallest apartment in New York!" laughed Mr. Badgley

Back to Blackface? [The Daily Beast]
"Maybe a boycott is in order…I’m not big on punishment but they need a good smack."—Russell Simmons on the new French Vogue cover, featuring Lara Stone in blackface

Designers Hope that Sexy Sells [WSJ]
When it comes to appeasing the masses, designers bank on sexy selling. We’re seeing an increase of "micro miniskirts, transparent blouses, pointy ‘Mad Men’ bras, and panties worn as shorts."

Sportswear Carries Urgency of the Moment on Fashion Runways [NY Times]
"Sportswear is a smart response to the economic turmoil of the last year. It is modest and quietly confident…Its defining quality is jauntiness. And who doesn’t want to look jaunty these days?"

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