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2009 October 15

Does Cathie Love Lucy?

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Lucy Yeomans in 2007 Lucy Yeomans in 2007
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(NEW YORK) For everyone who thought that the action is hot only at Conde, we have another ivory tower that's under assault. Brit alert! Could Lucy Yeomans, editor in chief of Harper's Bazaar UK, be bringing her goldilocks touch to the American edition while doyenne editrix Glenda Bailey decamps to a splendid office on the executive floor? The buzzy Yeomans has allegedly been spotted at the Hearst Tower, and word on the street is that she is in "serious talks" to take over the title. Perhaps New York's Fashion Week wasn't the only reason she graced Gotham in September? The 38-year-old Yeomans has made plenty of news since she was named EIC at age 29. Piece by piece, she slowly transformed the once-staid society book Harpers & Queen to a formidable fashion title in stiff competition with British Vogue. Harper's Bazaar UK profits doubled in 2007, the year after she changed the title, and in that same year, Yeomans won the Editors' Editor award from the British Society of Magazine Editors.

For now, Yeomans lives in Notting Hill and is an aficionado of the cinema, art, literature, and playing piano. "She is the most blow-dried woman in magazines, according to competitors, a self-confessed clothes-horse who is always immaculately turned out," wrote James Robinson in an illuminating Guardian profile last year. "When Lucy Yeomans, the effusive editor-in-chief of the UK edition of Harper's Bazaar, takes her place in the front row at fashion shows in Milan or London, she turns almost as many heads as the models on the catwalk."

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