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2009 October 14

The Power of Repetition

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(NEW YORK) In the October issue of Marie Claire, EIC Joanna Coles took off her editing gloves and penned an interview with cover subject Hilary Swank. What The Daily learned? This EIC has a limitless obsession with debunking assumptions--literally. Behold just a few of the Qs hurled by JoCo...

"People are so awed by the glamour of famous actresses' lives--they assume they just sit around in designer gowns all day. Myth?"

"Another myth: Considering you have two Oscars, there is the assumption that you can get any role you want."

"Audiences might also assume that you're just too serious for rom-coms."

"I think people assume you're a loner."

"People sometimes assume that celebrity marriages are easier because you're both more attractive, you have more money..."

"Another assumption about Hilary Swank is that you don't have a girly-girl bone in your body."

"Despite all the complaints about the paparazzi, some assume that actors actually court them. Do they go after you?"

"People also assume celebrities are never lonely--they have a posse, an entourage...sometimes it looks like one big party."

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