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2009 October 13

Sounds of Sportmax

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(NEW YORK) Art, fashion, music--industries borrow from each other often, but the upcoming collaboration between Sportmax, Sebastien Agneessens of Formavision, and musician Kyle Fischer is one to note. Agneessens’ Formavision is a curatorial and experiential design studio that conceives art projects for global brands, and Agneessens himself has released a record under the moniker Seb Leon. The threesome will kick off the project on Thursday with a musical performance at New York’s Sportmax boutique with Agneesens and Fischer, who is the former guitarist for Rainer Maria and the co-founder of End Up Records. It will be the first of three performances at the boutique; each will be different, but all will incorporate both Agneessens’ and Fischer’s music.

Thursday's performance will be a numerical play on the year when the project was created and a reference to Sportmax's Italian heritage: MMIX. The event, meant to highlight ethno-diversity in a modern world, will integrate samples of sounds of indigenous cultures, from descendants of slaves in the Mississippi Delta to Scottish tweed workers (provided by the Associate for Cultural Equity), with new tracks by artists like Andrew Vladeck and Caithlin De Marrais. The remixes will be played through six totemic speakers made of replicated zebrawood, an endangered species native to the Congo.

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