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2009 September 24

Model, Model Everywhere

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James King ion Elle's October issue as styled by Erin Wasson James King ion Elle's October issue as styled by Erin Wasson
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(NEW YORK) Is it just nous, or is Erin Wasson partout these days? After seeing her latest styling project in the October issue of Elle, our intrigue merely increased. The designer of jewelry line LowLuv and clothing line Erin Wasson x RVCA, as well as a campaign face of Maybelline, this Renaissance woman has her hands in a plethora of pies. How do you melt the soul of a rocker chick? That’s elementary, my dear Wasson--just feed her enchiladas drenched in Mexican mole sauce.

You just styled Jamie King for the October issue of Elle. Were you two pals before?
The experience was phenomenal. It was really funny because I ran into James right around when I had been approached to do the spread for Elle. She had just cut her hair short, and I thought she looked so great. We didn’t know each other extremely well, but I had known her from backstage. She always struck me as a really cool girl, and we ran in the same circles when she was living in New York. I brought up the idea of shooting James for Elle, noting that we really hadn’t seen her in editorial in a long time and that she would be willing to explore a character during the shoot. It was terrific getting to rekindle this friendship. She’s a soul sister now!

What historical or literary figure would you love to style?
Going on tour with Jimi Hendrix would be by ultimate. It would be balls to the wall. There would be no boundaries.

Anyone living you love to get your hands on?
There are so many young girls that get tied into this old, super-glammed up look because it’s safe. I look at girls like Megan Fox and think, God, you’re not thirty five. Come on. Have fun! It’s the people that make those lists that I’m most interested in because they are wearing something that’s thought-provoking.

Favorite stylist (besides yourself)?
Alex White and Emmanuelle Alt.

Are you still a Maybelline girl?
I’m very involved at the moment! I actually just came straight from my fitting. I’m about to do a commercial shoot for the next three days.

Are you still doing your jewelry line?
This season I just launched my new collection. In the past, I had only done high-end pieces, and so this time around I decided to do costume jewelry. The price points are terrific, and so the line reaches out to a wide audience while still keeping the design integrity intact. I love finding baubles in vintage shops and flea markets; so much of my own jewelry is costume, and so it makes total sense to branch out in my own designs.

And what about your collaborative work with RVCA?
It’s back to the drawing board! You get about four or five days to bask in the glory of all the hard work, and then it’s over. I’ve been doing everything I can to get new inspiration—going to the New York Public Library and costume stores. Inspiration doesn’t have to be about the clothing; you can see a stained glass window, for example, and it will have you thinking about all these other things. Travel also has a lot to do with it.

Any trips on tap?
I’m going to Peru in January. I’m going to climb to the top of Machu Picchu for my birthday.

How do you your Southern roots influence your design aesthetic?
There’s always an American undertone to my designs. There’s that Harley Davidson motorcycle edge. I will always be obsessed with rock and roll and the days of old. I’m so much drawn to people like Stevie Nicks and Jimi Hendrix. They were such enigmas and characters. I’ll go into record shops and thumb through vinyl records. The cover art alone gives me an incredible amount of inspiration.

What do you miss most about Texas?
I miss the true southern hospitality. Every guy opens a car door for you. I miss the yes m'am, no m’am. People are nice because of how they were raised. There’s no pretense. There’s something very pure and charming about that whole mentality. Oh, and the food! I miss the Mexican food so much.

What are you hankering right now?
Mole sauce. I haven’t found a real, authentic version in New York. But Mexican mole sauce slathered on top of enchiladas? It’s the jam. I also go to this restaurant in Texas where they have avocado margaritas. Amazing.

What don’t you miss about Texas?
Nothing, really! I’m actually seriously thinking about moving back to Texas. I’ve been looking at houses in Austin. The older you get, the more inclined you are to go back to your roots.

Do you have time to eek in any recreation?
I’m really in to playing pool right now. I’m decent.

Any recent books you’ve read/movies you’ve seen that struck a chord with you?
I just read this book called Space Out. It’s all about psychedelic living environments in the 60s. Wild. I watch a lot of rockumentarys. God, I hate that word so much, but I love the genre. I just saw Taking Woodstock, which I of course loved.

What’s your most recent guilty pleasure?
I just got a facial—a guilty pleasure for me. It’s something that I feel like I have to partake in, because my face is my job, you know? My facialist does cranial therapy work and lot of healing. She’s all about taking care of yourself from the inside out, which is important to me.

What were you just listening to on your iPod?
Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and Bill Withers. God, I love, love Bill Withers!

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