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2009 September 23

Sail Away to Plastic Island

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Plastic ship Plastic ship
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(NEW YORK) In the spirit of adventure, Kiehl's, Hewlett Packard and IWC Schaffhausen will sponsor David de Rothschild’s momentous mission as he and his faithful skipper, Jo Royle, embark on the Plastiki journey in mid-November. Inspired by the Kon-Tiki oceanic expedition, the voyage aims to raise awareness on the astounding accumulation of marine debris. The crew will travel from San Francisco to Sydney on a catamaran made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. When the crew isn't traversing the seas, de Rothschild and company will find the time to test new Kiehl’s products while on board to see how they measure up in extreme conditions. Chic Report found itself face to digital face with David de Rothschild via live Halo video feed (technology side note: a little bizarre, but mostly fascinating!) and took some time to chat with the famed eco adventurer about his impending voyage.

Do you have any reservations about traveling on this unusual boat?
It’s easy to get dragged down into what-ifs. You can’t spend too much energy on this, because you’ll drive yourself crazy. It’s a big, old, unforgiving ocean out there, but everything points to a successful sea trial. It would be really embarrassing if the second we left we got sideswiped by a huge cargo ship.

Do you moisturize?
Of course! See how young I look? Men who admit they moisturize are good guys.

What are your travel comfort items?
I always bring photos of friends and family. I also recently got on this kick where I have my friends write down different words on a piece of paper, and then each day I have a "word of the day" where I learn something new. It’s nice because it makes me think of the peolpe I miss. Unfortunately, most of my friends only know curse words.

And Jo, do you pack anything special in your skipper suitcase?
I swear by Kiehl’s rosewater. As you can imagine, my skin gets so dry during these trips. I also bring some girly sarongs with me to feel pretty.

What is your Voyage Playlist?
"Suspicious Minds" by Elvis will definitely be on there. And maybe some Celine Dion…just kidding! Although, it is a "New Day" after all!

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