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2009 September 23

Audigier on Audigier

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Christian Audigier Christian Audigier
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(NEW YORK) Is Christian Audigier one of the most misunderstood creatures in fashion? The Daily perennially wonders. Good thing GQ enlisted writer Devin Friedman to delve into that tattooed psyche that is all too rarely probed. The "Emperor du Fromage" feature in the October issue is stuffed with enlightenment from both profiler and subject. We find that they're even more delicious when compared. 

C.A.: "I am the one who put the trucker hat on the head! I am the one who put those hat on the head of celebrity! I am the man who is so famous Michael Jackson showed up at his birthday party!"
GQ: Christian Audigier is an inconvenient truth.

C.A.: "Louis Vuitton is an old house of 150 years and is the same thing I’m selling. Is not one better than the other."
GQ: It’s amazing how many people don’t think [Audigier] is French French. I don’t know what it says about us that we don’t think French people are capable of selling really loud clothes at a huge markup.

C.A.: "People say I am a mégalo! I am not a mégalo. I am an artist. That’s it. Putting my face on a poster. Going onstage. That is what artists do."
GQ: He is always surrounded by devotees. People seem to understand that their job might only be to hang around Christian and smile at him.

C.A.: "Now I am a kind of celeb. I have paparazzi on me, I have all of that. I am in a different world than the fashion industry. I am with Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Madonna."
GQ: One thing Christian can do is talk to famous people. He does it with just the right mixture of enthusiasm and brazenness and ass-kissery.

C.A.: "My demo is tabloid magazine. I am different from other designer. Because what they say they hate, I love. They say they had it but they always looking at it. We all look at OK! Magazine."
GQ: The rest of the fashion world denies the existence of Ed Hardy and/or Christian Audigier. Barneys, Saks, even New York Fashion Week—in none of these places are the names of Ed Hardy or Christian Audigier breathed.

On his Las Vegas trade show, When I Move U Move:
C.A.: "My name is Christian Audigier. And I will own this fucking casino."
GQ: He’d put all his chips, $6,000 down on, say, on the number 23 and lose everything, then borrow more money from whatever VIF was nearby.

C.A.: "You see what I do? Everywhere I go, buzz. It’s like addiction. If they are not here, they feel stupid. If you go to that other trade show instead of this, you suicide yourself!"
GQ: Dave Stewart from Eurythmics played a few bars of "Sweet Dreams" and mumbled into the mike, "I think you’ll recognize this one as it builds." At the end of the set Christian came out…to perform his new song, "My American Dream," live as the grand finale of the trade show.

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