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2009 September 18

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(NEW YORK) Ralph Lauren's Blues [On the Runway]
"Can hard times and their associated misery ever be an acceptable theme for a fashion show? And if the clothes don’t really attempt to explore legitimate modes of American dress, and instead remain on the surface—a little faded and ripped denim with rhinestone sandals—isn’t that somehow worse?"

LFW: Fashion Week Warning [Vogue UK]
Roland Mouret: "I love London and like everyone I am looking forward to the 25th anniversary London Fashion Week but I think we have to try to remember what this smells like; this excitement, this buzz. Otherwise next year could fall flat"

Door dimwits [Page Six]
Alice + olivia drama: doormen don't recognize Mena Suvari, Fabiola jumps the fence

A New York Scorecard [WSJ]
Who took the week: Marc, Rodarte, Oscar and more

New York fashion: a week in pictures [Guardian UK]
The past week was a whirlwind. Recap here!

Guest Post: Tory Burch on helping small businesses [Fortune]
Burch on the Tory Burch foundation, which "helps low-income people–who don’t typically have access to more traditional forms of employment or financial services–support their families by starting, sustaining, or growing their small businesses"

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