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2009 September 3

Shalom Harlow Goes Organic

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(NEW YORK) From supermodel to actress to Mme. Chanel no.5, the legendary Shalom Harlow has worn and mastered many hats. And now, thanks to designer and close friend John Patrick, she can add bartenderess to her list of accomplishments. On September 10 during the Spring 2010 presentation of progressive ready-to-wear line, Organic, Harlow will serve up scrumptious sips of organic apple juice to a select group of guests.

Oh, and she’ll be doing it dressed as a man. “It’s girl as boy, and it’s very sweet. And the hair’s is going to be like super, super pretty because we have Odile Gilbert from Aveda,” dished an excited Patrick. Considering the show’s bohemian speakeasy theme (if you’ll remember, the presentation is to be held in a covert room at Keens), Harlow, who is quite an haute boho herself, is the perfect fit. “It’s all a performance. And she’s the last piece in the puzzle. Think of it like I’m Marie Dressler and Shalom is Garbo because, basically, I’m dressing her the way Garbo dressed. You talk about people who are legends and Shalom has that legendary quality," said Patrick. "To me, she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world and I consider it a great honor that she’s doing this. It’s gonna be so much fun!”

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