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2009 August 26

The Facebook Report

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(NEW YORK) Kelly Cutrone desperately seeking susan...Peter Davis thinks the Ace Hotel lobby is a chic place to meet...Alex McCord Tweeeeeeeet! Follow the Chicago store on Twitter - they've just set themselves up and only have 9 followers. @STA_Armitage...Laura Mulleavy Can't believe how much smoke there is from the fire!...Chance Yeh Is it that insomnia is so widespread or just insomniacs tend to be on FaceBook?...Venessa Correa  NYC Lotto is up to $325 mil! what would YOU do if you won?...Joe Zee is now friends with Adrienne Landau and Anna Sheffield Bing Bang...Chris Benz is now friends with Mandie Erickson and Timo Weiland...Paul Wilmot Okay gang I have to tread lightly here but I have just finished reading all the September fashion books and if I was a new reader I would be slightly confused. I think NOTHING has changed. Sorry to say but almost across the board it is still looking these editors are all seduced by the same group...Marc, Prada, D&G and some Calvin and Armani to please the ad guys. To me so much looks unwearable. Sorry...

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