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2009 August 20

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(NEW YORK) Marc Jacobs' Wedding Plans [Page Six]
Marc and Lorenzo to tie the knot (toute seule!) this weekend?

Right Round, Baby [NY Times]
"In a way, the current ’80s revival is camp for people who have never heard of Susan Sontag, and the latest fashion cycle an opportunity for a new crop of designers to find in that dubious decade a mother lode of irony ready to be mined"

Newburgh, New York [Vogue UK]
The Lower East Side and London's Newburgh Quarter swap places

New York Seeks to Consolidate Its Garment District [NY Times]
If the garment center starts to move out of the city, will New York retain its fashion capital status?

Worn Clothes Make the Man [WSJ]
How long is too long for your well-loved wardrobe? "I generally feel like I've won a moral victory when something refuses to wear out"

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